November 21, 2009


Hank is mad.

He has good cause. He paces around the house and growls and hisses. He hides in Megan's room. He claims a spot right on my legs or as close to me as possible when I sit down.

Hank is mad because he has two new friends!
Sweet Tea

OK, so friends might be an overstatement. But they will be friends someday. They have no choice.

Sweet Tea and Molasses want to be his friend. They want to play and jump and cuddle and be curious with Hank.

Hank is denying them all friend requests.

Except he's not growling as much.

Or hissing unless he gets surprised.

So we'll give it a couple more weeks and see how they're doing.

I think it's the beginning of something beautiful.

Oh and in other news...
DSC_0034Be afraid.

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