November 17, 2011

Listing List

Here we goooooooo!

1. It's time to start crafting for Christmas presents. Does anyone have any good ideas for men? Or women? Or things I should make for you? (-:

2. On Monday I made a Pear and Chocolate Tart and after some adjustments in the temperature and quantity of pears, it was delicious. The recipe is right here. While I was making it we were in this massive thunderstorm warning, that means my light sucked. Adjusting the light with Photoshop Elements results in this still-overly-yellow photo:
ganache in a crust
This is natural light:
chocolate pear tart
Do you see what I mean? Natural light makes it look yummy.
And flash? Not on my camera.

3. Speaking of natural light, I love the light on Hanklin's fur.
Hank is driving me crazy. He wants to sit in my lap. All. The. Time. He's not exactly a lap-sized cat. Plus, it's annoying.

4. The soundtrack to Elf is amazeballs.

5. I think fall is over.
I don't know how I feel about winter since it's been about 3 years since I actually experienced one. We shall see.

6. I am going to Kansas in a week and I'm going to squeeze my nephew's face!!! Get ready Brody, auntie amy is coming!!!

7. I purchased these shoes when I went boot shopping:
I think they're hawt. Not sexy hot, but trendy-cute hot; I can be a hip, modern girl. The perils of finding boots are heavy in my life, that will take up a whole post. My sister-in-law will hate them. I also will wear them with tights which she'll hate even more. Mah-hahahahaha.

8. I was debating a minimalist wardrobe. Then I realized I have over fifteen dresses and one or two cardigans and I don't want to get rid of any of them. So I'm going with my own kind of minimalism of "if I don't love it, get rid of it." Which also means I have to break my habit of "it's a super-duper bargain and I need it because it's cheap!!!" to spending what I need to for pieces I love. That's a tough one.

9. I got this amazing, awesome, dense, perfect memory foam mattress topper from my family for my birthday. It's 3 inches of heaven. If you're looking for a mattress topper, ask my mom where she got mine because I can't drag myself out of bed in the morning because I'm so happy to be there.

10. I've been at Starbucks too long and I think the employees are giving me the eyeball. Are you giving me the eyeball? Is it ok that I'm sitting here? OK, I'm going home.

November 14, 2011

Twenty Nine


I'm 29 today.

I was asked if it was my 19th or 20th birthday. Yeah...someday I'll actually look 29. Maybe. (-:

Let's get on the thirty by thirty now.
Things accomplished:
  • go 4 months without purchasing a clothing item (7/14-11/14)

Yup, that's it. Get ready for some list crossing off! The 14th of every month, I'm telling you what I've done. One down, twenty-nine to go! 

November 13, 2011

etsy LOVE: Bath and Beauty

I'm baaaaaack! I wasn't really gone, but Etsy has been off the Mostly Nonsense 365 radar for far too long, don't you think?

If you're new, Etsy Love occurs somewhat regularly.

This week we're in the Etsy Bath and Beauty category!

Most expensive item:
Bath Tub by Witold Szostak $6990.00
This? THIS I LOVE. Stunning. Beautiful. Luxurious. 
Dear Future Husband, 
Wedding gift? 
<3, amy

Least expensive item:
Sounds awesome!

A few standouts:

Bowl of Fruit Loops Soap SLS Free Vegan Friendly by LaLa and Ange at beauxsavonsfrais

Goddess Loose Eyeshadow by Laura F at UnboundEdenCosmetics

What do you think? Did I miss someone awesome? This section is pretty fun! 

Disclaimer: I don't know anyone affiliated with any of these items or etsy itself, I just like to peruse the site from time to time.

Hanklin loves his fruits and veggies.

Anytime I'm slicing, dicing, or just eating something fruity or vegtastic [it's a word if I say it's a word], Hank goes crazy yowling at my feet. Then I give him a bite of whatever I'm eating and he's happy.
Weirdest cat ever.
That's why I'm his friend, I like weird things. And people. And cats.

I am not now, nor will I ever be a crazy cat lady. I just happen to live in a teeny-tiny apartment with a quirky cat and if you want me to blog, Hank will be included. Frequently. If he were a dog it wouldn't be weird. If I weren't single you'd never utter the words "crazy cat lady" at me. So leave me alone. 

November 8, 2011

this makes me happy

Sometimes I feel bitterness about the fact that I moved. Moving isn't easy. It's all starting over, rearranging, figuring out where to go, figuring out what to do, meeting new people, getting annoyed wiht your cat, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Except, I moved to a place where I do have some people. And those people make me happy.
So, spur of the moment, my friend Jess texted me and we decide to meet half-way between our respective locations and share a cup of coffee.

For four hours or so.
The coffee got cold, but my heart got warm.
[Bring on the cheese.]

This makes me happy.

November 6, 2011

I think about you

One of the many little things I do for one of my jobs is read the obituaries.

Death notices. It could be depressing, but it's not really. I do get sad when I read about people who die at a young age. I don't know how to reason with that.

I think about death a lot, but that's another story for another time. [Just FYI: I don't think about death in a depressing way, but just thinking about our perspective of death. It's interesting.]

Back to the obits: I read them.
And I think about you.

The names remind me of everyone. First names. Last names. Middle names.

I'm fascinated by the flood of memories that comes to me just by reading names. People from church. People from elementary school. High school. Friends of friends. People I crossed paths with for a day, a week, a month...years. People I haven't seen in decades.

Do you think about me? Do you remember me?

Sometimes I want to send a message, "Hi, I'm thinking about you." Is that creepy?

November 3, 2011


If you have a cat, you know what random looks like. Also, every time I tried to move so I could have clear pictures Hank would try to sit in my lap, so these are a bit more blurry than I would prefer. [READ: photo quality sucks.]

Vhat, ist dis? 
[You'll notice he's not actually going after the trash sitting next to him.]
I vill get it dead.
It's killing time.
Don't tell anyone I'm a pansy.
Let dem think zees ist the real me.
Speed like lightening.
Claws of steel.
I haz ups.

I am not now, nor will I ever be a crazy cat lady. I just happen to live in a teeny-tiny apartment with a quirky cat and if you want me to blog, Hank will be included. Frequently. If he were a dog it wouldn't be weird. If I weren't single you'd never utter the words "crazy cat lady" at me. This is not me. This is not me. This is not me. [That last one is actually kind of sad.] So leave me alone. 


November 2, 2011

New Obsessions

I have two things to tell you about.

Things you need to be obsessed with so I have someone in this with me. Will you do that for me? Awesome. Thanks. (-:

OK, #1: Pinterest
Picture 1
Do you remember when Facebook had those buttons you could pin and send to people? Flair? I can't really remember what it was called. It was about 2,457 Facebook updates ago...also known as 4 years ago. THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT!!! Seriously, join, tell me and let me follow you. Please? I need more people to follow. Please? Please? Don't make me beg.

I really like that Pinterest allows you to post a picture of something that inspires me and organize these pictures into "boards" by topic AND THEN I can click on that picture and it takes me back to the site the picture was posted from. So, if I love a project or recipe or quote or idea someone has posted on a blog but I don't really want to follow their blog, I just "pin" a picture, and when I'm ready to use that project or recipe or quote or idea, I'll just go back to Pinterest and find it there.
Picture 2
If you need an invitation, let me know. I'll hook you up. (-:
Username: nonsensebyamy

[If you tried out Pinterest and were overwhelmed, try hovering over the everything and then choosing a category that's more appealing to you. That will make the giant list smaller and more manageable. Also, it is overwhelming, I'll be the first to admit it. It took me about 6 months to be willing to even give Pinterest a try.]
I found this picture that accurately sums up how I feel about pinterest: PICTURE.

#2: Instagram
This is only for the iPhone, so if you're not cool enough to have an iPhone you should become cool. I think it also works with the iTouch, so iTouch users are also cool.

Fine, you're cool too even if you don't have insane-mad-overpriced love for Apple products.

I have about 4 apps on my phone to take pictures, but Instagram is far and away my favorite. Also, it's free. FREE!
Picture 3
Therefore, if you're an iPhone user, get Instagram and let me follow you. Please? Please? Pleeeeeeease?
What I like about Instagram is that you can take your picture and add your filter [your choice of over 12 filters] right away and post it to your feed. Once you've posted, it's up on the feed for everyone you follow to see! It's like a status update, but only with pictures.
I love it.
Username: nonsensebyamy

OK, leave me a comment with your user name or just come and find me on Pinterest and Instagram and we can be virtual friends!