November 10, 2009

Gettin' Crafty

I'm makin' hats!

Gray and pink hats. I don't know why gray and pink, but it's just happening.

Maybe I'll try brown and turquoise next. Or cream. Or green.

Or maybe not even a hat...oooh the possibilities.

Maybe I'll even bust out my sewing machine. I have no idea what will come next.

So these are the two hats I finished this week:

The first one is a big mushroom shaped hat. I started it because I ran out of yarn for the second one and had to wait to go to the store. So number two was really number one when all this madness started. Capiche?

Back to zee hat.

I'm kind of in love with this flower. I think I could make another one. Right now. I made this one while I watched Cannibal the Musical the other night. You've never heard of Cannibal the Musical? Well then you're not having a shpadoinkle day, are you?

My friend Josh made me watch it. I laughed through all the songs...and there are some clever parts, but you know, it wouldn't win any awards. Or be shown in an actual theater. Ever.

I finished up that hat and moved on to the other one since I popped into Jo-ann's to get some yarn.

The first time I finished it with a little puff-ball on top.

Now, I like it, but let's be honest. It looks like a golf hat. Which is weird.

So I adjusted...and came up with this:

Which is basically a strip of single crochets about an inch wide and then I just took a piece of yarn and gathered it along one side and it made this twisty cute thing. I like it.

And many thanks to Megan for modeling my hat for me:

She's single boys. Come and get it.


  1. Thank oyu for making me giggle with your clip. AM-A-ZING.

    I have got to see these hats.

    just gotta.

    (and if you wanted to make me one... I wouldn't have a problem with it.)

    And: loving the format changes on the blog. What it is about this shade of yellow I'll never know. It looks great.

  2. I love the hats! The flower is adorable and I like the other flourishy thing!

    I just saw this "stamp" thing on some guy's okcupid profile and it said "I bake so that I will not kill people." and for some reason that reminded me of you. Hmmm.