November 6, 2009


I can't get the picture at the top of the page to center. Or get bigger. Or change to fit the size of the screen. I am frustrated.

And it is 12:24am, meaning that it's past my bedtime.

Which makes me a grouchy-pants.

No one likes a grouchy-pants.

I like fall though...and I've decided I want to update the look of my blog more frequently. Meaning that I need to figure out how to change the header picture. Or maybe get a better (still FREE hopefully) template.


I was between these pictures for the background:

Did I choose OK?

Did I choose poorly? (I can't say that phrase without thinking about Indiana Jones. Don't ask me which one, the one where they drink from the "cup of a carpenter's son." Anyone who understands what I'm talking about gets a gold star.)

When it gets late I suffer from self-doubt. And perfectionism. And rambling-ism. (Is there a better word for that?) And overuse of parenthetical phrases. Obviously.


Now it's 12:30am. Must go to sleep.

Good night!


  1. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The one where Sean Connery plays his father. I really wanted that gold star. Oh, and I think the graphic choice is spot on (I also despise trying to get the graphics right on blogger.)

  2. Darn...someone beat me to the Last Crusade comment. Can I still have a gold star? Please? :)


    ( :

    (James, yours can be bigger since you were first.)

  4. Can I get a gold star for telling you that it isn't the gold one, it's the simple wooden cup? Because Jesus was not a fancy pants sort of man.

  5. like the header, since it changed. the current photo is my fav, even though it wasn't an option before.

    good job!

    and, I should have read your indiana jones comment more closely. somehow I missed my chance for a gold star.

    Great movie, though.

  6. Kathy,

    Thanks! It's actually the same picture as before (#2 in the line-up) just cropped and flipped differently. ( :

    You still get a gold star! Didn't you hear? Gold stars for everyone. Yours can be for limiting your writing time on your blog. ha ha ha...