November 3, 2009

In this moment

I should get dressed. However, I like being naked. I am clean...small steps.

I should go take care of my list of things. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

I should unpack the living room. Then it would be functional. A functional living room? Like one where we could sit? Watch a movie? Read a book?

I should unpack my bedroom. Same reasons as above including: So I would have more than half of my king-sized bed that was usable? No laundry and boxes on the other half?

I should send the thank you notes that I started writing weeks ago. WEEKS. I am a terrible person. (Not really.)

I should do a lot of things, but instead, I'm doing what I want. That's just the kind of person that I am.


  1. I'm eliminating should from my's freeing! Try it! : )

  2. as I was writing this...I was thinking about you eliminating "should." I think I use "should" in a loose sense of the word. I don't actually feel any pressure from or have any attachment to the shoulds. You know?