September 30, 2013

taking photos

DSC_0748 (2).JPG
DSC_0748 (2).JPG
Of the many things I love about photography, one of the best is that I'm never finished learning. I can look at any picture and decide there's room for improvement. I should have situated the subject in a different area, I didn't find my light correctly, more aperture, less aperture, different lens, faster shutter speed, blah, blah, blah.

I also have a bucket list of things to photograph, of course, when they're on the list they have to have the first I'm-not-sure-what-I'm-doing session in order to move to the OK-I'm-slightly-more-comfortable session(s).
DSC_0748 (2).JPG
I'm not sure that I'll ever be comfortable telling people what to do, but I'm working on it. (-:
  • sorrow, tears, ugly-crying 
    • it's difficult to pull out a camera in the midst of this, but I want to
    • landscapes
      • Grand Canyon
      • Pacific Northwest
      • Northern California
      • beautiful places I don't even know exist
      • nudes
        • specifically women 
        • documenting stories to go with the pictures
        • focused on bodies and shapes
      • carnivals
      • a big, set-up, family, shoot thing
        • I don't exactly know what this means, but I know it involves more than walking around and taking candids
      • wedding
      • birth
      The list will grow. Things will change. I'll be inspired by something new and different. 

      That excites me too. 
      DSC_0748 (2).JPG
      DSC_0748 (2).JPG
      I love photography, be still my heart. 

      September 7, 2013

      hi, hello, hola!

      Oh, hey there...apparently I decide to go MIA for awhile around these parts.

      If you missed me, uh...long time no see! If you didn't, I hope you were busy doing things you love!

      This is what's been keeping my life full:

      • I started school. I wear scrubs on Wednesday and Thursdays. 
      • Scrubs are not nearly as comfortable as one might think. The fabric has no give and they don't stay up on my waist very well. Do they make stretchy scrubs? I need to find that. They should be more like sweat pants, don't you think? 
      • I went to the lake for a stunner Labor Day weekend and worked.
        Me + Power Washing = LOVE
      • I drove to Michigan to help celebrate my friend Meagan's 30th! Between awesome company and delicious food, I was in heaven. 
      • Yesterday was MegB's birthday, #30. Tonight she parties--Toddler's in Tiaras style. 
      • Untitled
        photo stolen from facebook, I'm a thief. 

      • This might be the year of 30th birthdays. HAPPY THREE DECADES, young friends! 
      • I'm going to need to offer them all advice since I am so much older and wiser. Obvi. 
      • I'm still obsessed with partial words. 
      • Next weekend is the wedding of my cousin Jordan and her fiancĂ©, Josh. I'm looking forward to going to the lake to celebrate with them. 
      • I finally finished taking pictures of Sarah and Peter. This was my fave: 
      DSC_1007b.jpg DSC_1007b.jpg
      straight out of the camera on the left, a little editing on the right. I prefer left.
      • I need some niece and nephew time, but I have no idea when it's going to happen. Why are they growing when I'm not around? 
      • There's a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family, they show extended scenes and every once in a while I'm all, "WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?!?" 
      So...anything you're curious about? What's new with you? What'd I miss? 

      I'll be back soon.