February 26, 2013

I have been spending a lot of time lately telling myself that I'm not dumb. It's not really my favorite [or most productive] way to spend time.


Classes are hard.
And now I will be MIA for the next 2 days as I prepare for an exam I just realized I'm having on Thursday. Awesomesauce. wha-wha. 

February 20, 2013


Apparently my directions could be interpreted as whatever is happening in the about pictures.

Real life with a toddler, Abby's face says it all.

I'm sorry Niece, your daddy is ridiculous.
And we're done.

love you people.

February 19, 2013

You May Not Know

1. I gag every time I brush my teeth. It's because I'm dedicated to thoroughly brushing my tongue. Gagging every morning is part of my routine.

2. I am the top record holder for the women's hammer throw at Manchester College. I'm in the top 5 for the conference records.

3. I refuse to read 50 Shades of Grey and homegirl [that's me] loves a good smutty romance novel.

4. I firmly believe that all people should learn to parallel park, mostly because every time you parallel park you will feel like a badass.

5. I think everyone should have an accurate picture of himself or herself where you look like a rockstar. Not a real rockstar, but you feel handsome/hot/beautiful/real/amazing/proud/super happy to see your own face.

6. I cannot get enough hot chocolate with salt when it's cold outside. Freals.

7. In college my room was the "naked room." You never knew if my roommate or I would be clothed when you came in. Please, contain your shock.

8. I think if I ever visited a nudist colony I'd either freak out or dive in 100%. Even in my imagination I don't know how I'd respond. I am always nervous about sunburn on my breasts. That just sounds horrific.

9. Leggings aren't pants, but I can't completely convince myself of that because of their comfort. I'm afraid of reverting back to my sweatpant ways, but using leggings. I also found these fleece lined leggings [on sale for $7.95, but buy a size larger than normal] that are amazeballs.  Help.

10. I can go an entire day at school without talking to one person. That's just wrong.

11. I am officially COLD ALL THE TIME. What is wrong with me? Ugh. Now, I wear these socks and it helps. They're kind of the generic version of SmartWool [which I also adore, but cannot afford]. I found them on sale at Target. Holla!

12. I feel nervous about getting into my program and I think that might be my next serious post because I'm going to need to make plan A, plan B and plan C to relax a bit. Get ready to give me your opinions!

I think that's all I've got for now.

love you people.

February 14, 2013

All the Single Ladies

Happy Valentine's Day!

Nothing like a holiday for luv-ahs to make you feel oh, so alone. Not that I'm complaining [I am, but not in an ugly way], but it'd be nice to have someone to give me a Valentine. I'd even take something pathetic, like a heart on a scrap of paper taken out of the recycle bin.

True love comes from the trash, obvi.

Unless you've personally made Valentines on PicMonkey during a few moments of procrastination. As I will now show you, that's real love people.

I call these my Valentines to my Fake Non-existent ManBoyFriend that should be in the I Am Perpetually Single and This Is Why section at Kroger.

You don't get your Valentine's at Kroger? OK, Target then.


Number one:
PicMonkey Sample
Here I am perpetuating the crazy cat lady stereotype. You're welcome.


Next we'll move on to the desperate single girl Valentine.
I just ovulated. I'm not even joking, my ovaries just released an egg. SO.FREAKING.CUTE.

PicMonkey Sample.jpg
Did that scare any men off?
Is anyone there?


And last [but certainly not least] we have the, SWF [you don't have to be white, it's just that I am] seeks FPM [Fictitious Perfect Man].
valentines day.jpg
This is where I live, welcome to my home.


Happy Luv-ahs Day!

I'll be at home crying into my ice cream.
Watching Say Yes to the Dress.
Pinning things on Pinterest.

Kidding, I'm driving to the Fort to work this weekend listening to Josh Groban's new album and lusting after his voice. BE JEALOUS...or go make-out with your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/lover. Your choice.

love you people.

February 13, 2013

meet the niece

Since my computer is back and I've been dyyying to share some pictures of this sweet little babe. The official ones since you've seen iPhone pictures. I warned you that it was going to be a baby zone in here.

And she is tiny.
m.hoffman newborn
mya and brody
Brody has still had a fairly constant stream of attention, so they're getting along pretty well. There's nothing like the difference between an 18-month old and a newborn to see who the real baby is.

See? He looks like such a little man in his sweater vest. The boy's got style. You should know we took these after listening to Destiny's Child, Andrea Bocelli and Will.I.Am on Sesame Street: Singing with the Stars. Gotta love jamming with this little dancer.

Let's refocus shall we? Back to my favorite niece ever. Matt and Abby keep their baby names a secret until the baby is born. Totally understandable. Especially in this case, we wouldn't want any jealousy.
We all know who she is named after...even if her parents don't.

Well, I am honored.
baby sneeze
Baby sneezes, so cute.

Do you see how this girl is looking at the camera? The baby who is awake for approximately three hours a day REFUSED to fall asleep, but she was perfectly happy the whole time. I have several where she's looking directly at the camera [I think it was the noise], and I'm going to say that it was because she wanted to look at aunt amy.

Nothing is better than being an aunt!

Does anyone else want to provide me with some [faux or real] nieces or nephews?

love you people.

February 11, 2013

my computer is broken

I'm an avid, unapologetic, pro-Apple person.

They are stupidly expensive though. 

And mine has been broken by the word's most expensive cup of french-pressed coffee to aid me in being awake and alert and caffeinated for an exam. I don't know that the benefits of the coffee outweigh the cost of the computer...


For now, I'm sans computer and grateful for [freezing, is that the AC?] computer labs in the library to blog and listen to the Andrew Lloyd Webber Pandora station and sometimes study. Otherwise I'd be in my car headed to Target for some shopping. And we all know you can't leave Target without spending at least $50. 

Now if my phone's last 2% of battery life will assit me in getting some pictures to flickr, so I can share them with you all will be good. 

I live on the edge people. 

You may remember me telling you that I have a new niece. I HAVE A NEW NIECE! Yay! We met this weekend and instantly fell in love. This is what happens when you are an aunt. Your heart gets big enough to fall in love with every niece and nephew put in your path. 

It's not even hard. 

I did take some "official" pictures, but as I said before...broken computer. Now I shall show you unofficial, iPhone pictures of people I love. 
Untitled Untitled
I made that cupcake hat. No big. When Mom was visiting last week the nephew gave her his RSV. Now my brother insists upon our hand-washing and her face mask.
totally my favorite picture of Dad and Brody
Brody isn't talking on any kind of regular basis yet, but he said "yook!" and pulled out Tangled, so we watched it. He loves the music, so my desire for theatre bound nieces and nephews is still strong. He dribbles the basketball and shoots it between musical numbers.
Untitled Untitled
And I established myself as the "cool aunt" by singing Diva to The Niece while she wore this bib. Someone has to establish Beyonce's awesomeness in her life. Appropriate?
I've never used an iPad *gasp* but this 18-month-old is definitely more proficient at it than I would be.
Oh, my loins. 

Yup, just said it. Just wait until Valentine's day. 

love you people.