June 27, 2013

the herp from hades

In the past I've had a few days up to two weeks of allergies. They're mild, my throat is itchy and I move on. This year? 2013? My allergies were TERRIBLE. Itchy, itchy, itchy to the point of scratching my throat raw. My head was so filled with snot that I was literally leaking. And one day my eyeballs even joined in and assorted fluids were coming out.

It was super attractive.

I'm single, boys.

I went up to the lake for our annual family Get Ready for the Summer preparations and my head almost exploded. Then I got the herp. Some of you may call them cold sores, canker sores, blah blah blah, but let's be real: it's Herpes Simplex I. Above the waist. According to my microbiology class from last semester, over 90% of us have it, so we can call a spade a spade: I've got the herp.

The herp from hades to be exact. I blame my allergies for compromising my immune system.

This was the largest, most painful, horrifically scabby, ugly herp of my life. It was nasty y'all.

Don't worry, I photo-documented it.
Like I said, suuuuuuper attractive.

And if those photos weren't enough, it's on my driver's license for the next few years.
So, there's that.

June 11, 2013

this week's mani

I tried to chevron a nail last week. It was not so good. I think mostly because my striper polishes are getting old and thick and the brushes just aren't very good anymore.

And I found these:
I saw them at the beauty supply store I go to for $4.99, but I got them at Meijer for $2.99. The online link above is for $2.95 I believe.

The reason they're a duo is because there's a traditional brush when you twist AND a pen if you pull off the top!
Untitled  Untitled
I used the brush to paint the black lines and the pen to free-hand the hearts. I chose my favorite neutral [OPI Dulce de Leche] for the other nails. I finished with my top coat and an extra top-coat layer on the heart nails.
Oh, my cuticles look unfortunate.
The inspiration for this week came from a manicure I found on pinterest, the original from Nailside. This might be one of my favorites ever. It feels a little bit sweet, a little bit rock and roll.

June 7, 2013


Have you heard this gem that Sara Bareilles brought to us?

I'm digging it.

Oh, bravery. You are a tough nut to crack.

When you're an outsider looking in, doesn't bravery seem easy?
When you're an insider looking in, doesn't it seem like the deepest widest pool that you want to get the heck out of ASAP?

I think about all the people I know who are doing brave things with their lives. I want some of that bravery.

I want to be the person who dances like no one's watching. I want to be the girl who sings without worrying about the right pitch. I want to invite people to watch the mystery of labor and birth. I want to be the person who leaves it all behind to live in a new country where I don't even know the language. I want to meet new people with all of my personality on the table. I want to try new things without worrying if I'll be able to be successful.

I just got into the accelerated nursing program I've been praying I would get into. My prayers felt like pleas because I was [honestly, completely, 99.9%] sure I wasn't going to get in. They base everything on grades and when I submitted my transcripts I was told, "oh, a B- in Anatomy? You'll probably have to retake that to get in." So, I made other plans. Every program has different pre-requisites so I took as many that would fill the slots I needed for different schools as I could. I completed my application to my first choice and then made a few back-up plans: private school, other public schools in Indiana, possible application to a public university in North Carolina, and then doing some more research on out-of-state schools I might be able to attend that would welcome my 3.52.

In the midst of taking my summer chemistry course, I got a packet in the mail!

Then, I cried.

If you know me well, you know I like a plan. I like structure. I've been waiting for over 10 years to figure out what the heck to do with my life and now you want me to wait and take this and that stupid course just so I can apply for your program that starts in EIGHT MONTHS?! What am I supposed to do with myself between here and there? I want, I NEED to start now! Let's get this show on the road!

So, that felt a little...anxious.

I have a list of things to complete [including a slew of immunizations] and then I start in August.

This August.
Two months.

It's going to be hard. I'm going to be a bad friend. I'll probably have moments of being a bad student. I'll let things slide. I'll forget important dates. But, in the end? I'm going to be headed in the right direction.

It's scary and intimidating.

I feel brave.
sara braeilles

So, what about you? 
Who have you seen being brave? 
What are you doing that makes you feel brave? 

love you people.

June 2, 2013

MegB and EmmyT

You might remember MegB from her stalking story. Yes, I had a stalker and then we became BFF. Don't think that I condone stalking or becoming friends with your stalkers because I don't. She just charmed me with board games and coffee.
Apparently it's easy to worm your way into my heart.

EmmyT and I grew up together in McPherson. We were friendquaintances [more than acquaintances  but not besties] until we both moved back to Mac and I was in desperate I-NEED-FRIENDS-WHO-AREN'T-COLLEGE-STUDENTS mode and she was in I-JUST-MOVED-BACK-TO-KANSAS-AND-NEED-TO-DRINK-COFFEE-AND-HAVE-FRIENDS mode.

So we bonded.
Also, I didn't really drink coffee until these two came into my life. I was a chai girl, freals. Big Train Chai was my beverage of choice. BOOM.

In 2013, one lives near Chicago and the other in DC and they both came to Indianapolis so we could spend time laughing together.

And laugh we did.
And drink coffee we did.
Oh and we ate a lot of food. [mostly not pictured]
EmmyT did not give into our peer pressure and call in sick to work. What's the dealio? Yes, we're good friends, why do you ask? So on Sunday evening she headed back up to the Windy City and we headed to my favorite quiet place.
Now I'm in summer school taking chemistry and nutrition. Be jealous of my awesome life.

I love these ladies!