January 31, 2013

Rocking My World

-->Yellow tomatoes.

-->I can text on my computer...ok I can iMessage, but it's like magic. I like it.

-->Instagram is my favorite social networking. If you have a smart phone and you're not on IG you are not fully living! And we should be friends.
number 1100 seemed significant enough for a collage. #procrastinator
This is my 1,100th photo. Maybe you don't want to be friends...I may fill your feed. (-:

-->Afterglow. I need another photo app like I need another hole in my head...wait I have 5 extras...and this one costs $0.99, but I LOVE IT!
And the Ash filter? Swoon. We should probably not talk about how much I love this cat. 

-->StayFocused on Google Chrome. This is free, you can choose what websites to block or give yourself a limited time frame on. For those of us with self-control problems it enables us to hand the responsibility over. What? I just spent 2 hours on pinterest and facebook? I swear it was only 5 minutes...exactly.

-->My niece who I will meet in 8 days. Prepare yourselves for the onslaught of newborn photos.

-->Peanut butter, cinnamon, bananas, and chia seeds. Either on toast or oatmeal. The chia seeds keep me full for hours.

-->Starbucks skinny latte with half sugar-free cinnamon dolce and half sugar-free vanilla. Do it. I don't know how to order it, but the lady at the register was awesome and made it for me and broke Starbies protocol and DIDN'T CORRECT ME which I LOVE. One of my least favorite Starbucks requirements is that they always correct people. It's annoying.

-->This blog: I BELIEVE IN STRANGERS. If you're a recipient of the kindness of a stranger, you should share your story.

-->Random oil blend I picked up at Whole Foods.

-->Things I learned in microbiology [this is gross]: most of the solids in our feces is bacteria. Try to poop without thinking of that now because I can't.

-->I got a haircut at Aveda this week. It took 2 hours and I don't think she took enough off, but this is how long it is right now:
if there's an Aveda school in your area it's a pampering [affordable] good time.

What's rocking your world? 

love you people.

January 24, 2013

Pitch Perfect

I have a problem.

I'm obsessed with this movie.
Obsessed in the way where I think I could be in it. In this fantasy I'm not in a movie...it's real life. I blame the combination of over-active imagination, long-distance driving, and a love for a cappella. In my fantasy Rebel Wilson isn't Fat Amy, I am. Duh. [I still have her Australian accent.]

In addition to being Fat Amy, I have stolen Beca's boyfriend and am dating Jesse. True story. I could write fanfic or something.

I think I've watched this at least eight times since I purchased it. IT IS SO FUNNY. The majority of people who I've forced to watch it have been impressed by the hilarity of this movie. Most of those people being my family members.

So, what I'm telling you is that we spent most of our time when we were in Florida quoting this movie. You know how people did/do that with Napoleon Dynamite? We do it with Pitch Perfect...including the singing [and a small amount of choreography]. BOOM.

Go watch it and tell me how much you love it.

January 15, 2013


I started classes last week. I was signed up for 9 hours and waitlisted for 3 hours. Ugh. What a pain to be on a waitlist. So, I went through this whole rigamarole to get into the class. FINALLY, I was signed up. 12 credit hours.

During the rigamarole, I met with my advisor. I learned that I needed to take a statistics class [yeah, 3 more credit hours = 15 credit hours] and that I hadn't applied to the accerated nursing program yet. So, when I thought I'd applied last fall what did I do? No clue. Of course, the other side is I'm not even allowed to apply for the program until I've either take or am currently enrolled in all the prereqisite coursework.

Hence the 15 hour course-load this semester: Physiology [approximately 120 students]. Microbiology [approximately 150 students]. Human Development [approximately 120 students]. Statistics [approximately 35 students]. I've never sat in classes that have so many students. It's cray-cray for this small, liberal-arts college loving girl. The only class I talk in is statistics. My labs have people sitting in who don't even have desks. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Yes I do: there are more students than desks. If you're new around here I don't want you to think I'm a complete idiot.

So, the earliest I can start the nursing program is Fall 2013. If I get in...which I won't find out until June. Yeah, that makes me nervous.

On a more positive note, I am excited for a summer! YAY!! I love summer. Now, what to do with my summer time? I don't know, but I'll figure it out. Something that includes working and making money I think.

So that's, that. My life in a nut-shell. I pack my lunch. I study in the library. I'm going to talk to someone in one of my classes someday.

I'm shy.

This transition has been a struggle. It seemed like nothing could go right. Moving was hard. I didn't say the goodbyes I wanted to. I was waitlisted. I had to do this paperwork. I had to do that paperwork. I needed this class. I didn't do that correctly. Parking was confusing. AND I still miss Hank.

I feel called to midwifery and since God was in that calling I had the [incorrect] assumption that that would somehow make it easier.

Why would I think that?

I think I may have been drunk. Except I don't drink, so probably not. (-:

In the midst of the struggle, I catch glimpses of the beauty around me. Encouraging texts from friends. An advisor who always smiles [although, I'm probably driving her crazy] and asks me about my weekend. Family that welcomes me into their lives. Sweet messages on facebook.

I'm really working to remember to focus on my goal. Since, I love a good visual reminder, I made this one to print out and put up in my room:
If you want .jpg copy of this 4x6, shoot me an email or you can grab it off google docs

love you people.

January 12, 2013

Bruno Mars: Unorthodox Jukebox

I firmly believe that music is subjective [unless it's complete crap a la William Shatner] and we are all entitled to love or hate artists like Ke$ha [hate], Sara B [love], Tay-tay [meh], Mr. Mraz [love], Beibs [meh], or T.Keith [hate].
It's an opinion.
It's mine.
It's yours.

These are my opinions on the Bruno's new album. In the past I have found myself to enjoy his poppy beat and catchy tunes, so I thought I'd check out his new album. To summarize my thoughts:

  • he sounds a bit like Michael Jackson in many songs
  • he likes the f-word
  • he likes sex
  • he likes seducing women

A specific song I had a reaction to: "Gorilla." It's the third song on the album. It comes after "Locked out of Heaven" [which if you listen to any radio, I'm sure you've heard] and before "Treasure" [pretty much about the same things as every other song].

First things first, everything I know about gorillas I learned from a)Koko's Kitten [an elementary school classic book, which think I checked out from the library about 20 times], b)Return to Me [the romantic drama-dy starring Minnie Driver and David Duchovny], and c)Congo [both the book by Michael Crichton and the movie that followed]. Perhaps my knowledge on gorillas could be expanded.

I did grow up on a farm though, so I have some idea about animal procreation.

When he uses the words "you and me baby making love like gorillas" I pretty much think of that. Of the chickens and dogs and cows and cats on the farm. Of male animal forcing himself on female animal. Bruno Mars, is this what you're trying to imply? You want to copulate like animals? Really?

Because was my favorite was always when the female animal wouldn't take it and bit the male animal and he slinked away like a fool.

Basically, even though this album is on the top 10 list on iTunes, it's pretty much crap. Not bad music, not non-catchy tunes, but crap in the subject matter portion [if you care about that kind of thing]. Not that I don't enjoy a bit of crap now and then, but there's only so many songs I can hear where he's trying to convince whatever woman he's with to take off her clothes.

Ladies, keep your panties on.
He only wants one thing, and it's not your mind.

I'm sorry I said "panties."

January 8, 2013


It's a new year.
A new dawn.
A new day.

And I'm feeling good.

No, I'm actually feeling...overwhelmed, tired, blessed, loved, special, old, young, and any adjective that means "not relaxed." Classes started Monday. I'm a full-time student at IUPUI. I have a student ID. I have two three labs, three four classes, and hours between them to study. All of my classes are in rooms containing well over 100 students. It will be a miracle if anyone knows who I am. I don't feel anxious about this, in many ways I like to disappear, to blend into the walls. [Let's not analyze that right now, ok?]

I'm still working a couple of days a month at Spiece, but it doesn't seem like enough. So, I feel anxious about not-working when I know that working more would stress me out.

That seems normal, right? Homegirl [that's me] needs to learn how to chill out.

You know what is relaxing? Sunset.

You know what's even more relaxing? Sunset at the beach.

Happy to be here.
Happy to have been there.

love you people,