May 28, 2011

In other news

I met a guy.

Then I moved to Indiana.

Don't get your hopes up. Nothing happened.


So, Amy, what the heck are you doing? And where are you doing it?

Let me take you back....
I decided I wanted to move to Indiana. I had an interview for a job. I didn't get that job, but I still wanted to move, so I made a plan. That plan: GRAD SCHOOL.
[I feel that I should tell you, this is approximately the 8th time since I graduated from college that I decided that I should go to grad school. I've started several applications. I've never finished one.]

I found a program at a state school I was slightly interested in. I sent off for information. I received information.

I was talking to my dad and mom about the program. I wanted to live in the Fort. It was a counseling program. Parents advised me to make sure the program was accredited.

Reason number 7,851 that parents are brilliant: checking out a program's accreditation.

Found a new program at a small, private, liberal arts school not in the Fort. I love liberal arts education. I love small schools. I love the relationships formed at small schools. Program sounds amazeballs and right up my alley.

Jan. 14th: Sent in the initial general application information. Received notification that entire application was due February 1. Freaked out.

Sent in application. This was actually around January 28th. Yeah, I'm responsible. And I completed my first ever grad school application. BAM!

Spoke with person from the institution. They wanted to do an interview, so I hopped in my car [after putting in a load of my stuff] and visited and interviewed. They liked me.

As I got into my car after the interview and tour, I sat down with a pit in my stomach. I just wasn't feeling it. BUT, this was the PERFECT program! There were great opportunities! I SHOULD want it! My mind says "YES!" My heart says "NO!"

I let intellect win.

I took another load of stuff to Indiana. I have a lot of stuff. I drove around the town with Rach McF. We were only allowed to say nice things because it was....depressing. Just a sad town, the kind where industry has left and people haven't quite figured out how to "make it" in new ways. To figure out the businesses and professions and industries that generate a culture of pride in a town. They did have two places that excited me: 1. The Unorganized Bookstore; 2. Caramel McNutt's Donuts. [You'd be excited about Caramel McNutt's, too.]

That trip was also just another reminder of how much I love Durham. Love, love, love. Then I cried.

I'm not used to being stressed. It's been a few years.
STRESS: Graduation.
STRESS: Wrapping up work.
STRESS: Packing.
STRESS: Saying goodbye.
STRESS: Finding out I didn't get any graduate assistantships I wanted.

The last one was a little...unexpected.
My response was frustrated, angry, sad, but mostly [and this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth] my feelings were bruised. [This is going to sound arrogant and cocky, I know.] Um, do you know me? People love me; to know me is to love me [catchphrase stolen from Vv]. I'm the person people want around. People seek me out. AND YOU DON'T WANT ME?!?!?!!? Then I became rational again. The person choosing his GA had never actually met me. He apparently didn't think I would be a good fit. Which probably means that I wouldn't be a good fit.

Then I chose to follow that feeling I had back in March that said: THIS IS WRONG, AMY. It was a bold statement before and I denied it. I think I'm done with the denial.

I am still slightly emotionally unstable, but that's getting better too.

Now, I live in Indiana and I'm a nomad. I kinda feel like I'm back where I was in May 2005 when I had just graduated from college. Except now, I've worked a bit. Learned a bit. Grown up a bit.

And, I might go be a volunteer for the summer. I want to rock someone's socks off. Or maybe I need my socks rocked off.

Hi, God? It's me, Amy.
Thanks for the grad school step in. Now what?

The big question:
What should I do with the next year of my life? 
All answers will be considered. The following year 
will probably result in a return to academia [where? no clue].  

Thanks for sticking around even though I haven't blogged much. You're the best. 

May 19, 2011

May 14, 2011


One of the many things in May that's keeping me busy?

Megan's graduating with her Master in Divinity from Duke today!!!
class of 2011.jpg
Three years of hard work have paid off! 

May 10, 2011


1. Did you notice that I moved? YAY! Now to find the time to figure out more html....yay!

2. I made these:
I took pictures, I have a recipe, I will provide details.

3. I took pictures of people. I will share.

4. Hank is lonely. Sweet Tea moved out and he doesn't know how to play by himself any more. He chased his tail for 15 minutes last night. As sad as it is, it is also quite entertaining.

5. I still have Asheville pictures to edit and share.

6. I think I have allergies. The only way they're showing up is that I sneeze sometimes and my soft pallet is itchy.

7. Megan and I are going to see HAIR tonight at the DPAC. I probably won't tell you about it because of #1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 9.

8. It's graduation week! Time to clean the house for all kinds of company! ( :

9. I'm selling stuff on craigslist which means I have to clean it, take it's picture, post it and answer emails of people trying to get a deal.

10. I still like you.

Also, this is a light mocha coconut frappuccino. I usually prefer my local coffees, but it's happy hour and this was half off and I can't resist a deal.
Well played, Starbucks, well played.

May 4, 2011


I had breakfast at Scratch Bakery yesterday. It was beautiful.
Donut Muffins--What's a donut muffin? Basically a donut in the shape of a muffin rolled in sugar. They are delicious. I prefer the buttermilk version. I know, not the chocolate?!?! The chocolate is amazing too, but the buttermilk? *kisses fingers* Perfection.
With iced coffee?
This girl was in heaven.

May 1, 2011

Etsy LoVe: Bags and Purses

It's time for some Etsy fun! We've looked at a few accessoriesart and now we're on Bags and Purses!!

We'll start with what I didn't choose, I do a highest and lowest ranking and simply go with whatever item is listed first although at times there can be several items that are the same price.

Most expensive:
SALE Distinctive Posh Beaded Evening Handbag by beautyenterprise for $1000.00

Least expensive:
Dancing with Type Pouch by Slizen for $1.88

On to the good stuff! ( :
Gadget case - Elephant in designer felt for ipod classic, ipod touch, iphone, small digital camera... by BoutiqueID

Recycled Leather Travel Wallet - Spring Colorway by craftyrepublic

URBAN POUCH by girlbyAileen

Floral Birds Garden - Zipper Pouch with Clip by charmdesign

Green Yellow Crocheted Flower Handbag READY TO SHIP by mojospastyle

Elessa in Cognac Leather by milloo
Do you know how difficult it is to find actual leather handbags on Etsy that are actually handmade? Yes I know I used a form of the word "actual" twice in that sentence. That's because it's actually quite hard.

Do you have an Etsy seller in the Bags and Purses section that you love? 

Let's be friends on Etsy! Come and find me: amyh82!

Disclaimer: I don't know anyone affiliated with any of these items or etsy itself, I just like to peruse the site from time to time.