November 11, 2009

Faux Oreo

Who doesn't have a childhood memory involving Oreos?

I remember going over to my friend Gretchen's house in about 6th grade and eating Oreos. We each got four and the first thing she did was toss one right into each of our glasses of milk. "But won't it get soggy?" "Just wait, you'll see."

That soggy Oreo was possibly one of the best I've ever had.

Something about a soft Oreo is delightful.

I'm a twist and eat Oreo person myself. I twist, choose the side with the least amount of filling, dip it in milk, eat it. Then I eat the creme off the other side before dipping it in milk and eating it. It's a lot of work to eat an Oreo.

After moving into our new house we never hooked up our TV. We are without cable. Without basic channels. Only movies here at Casa de Megan, MG and Amy.

Therefore on Wednesday nights I bribe my friend Stuart with baked goods so I can watch Glee.

A girl must have her priorities.

Last night I debated and debated what to take. I've already done the blondie thing. (My blondies are delicious. I'll share that recipe with you sometime.) I've been on an Autumnal kick, but I'm making Pumpkin Cheesecake later this week. Chocolate? Fruity? Cookies? Cake? Cupcakes?

I couldn't decide.

So I started looking through my stack of Food Network Magazines. If you don't subscribe to Food Network Magazine, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. It is seriously one of the BEST cooking magazines in my opinion. You can get a subscription for $1 an issue right now too (I think it's a special this week). It'd make a great gift to give or receive.

As I was checking the indexes of each magazine I came across a recipe for "Oreo" Cookies. I could do that. I could make faux Oreos.

So I got to work...

You're supposed to take the dough and roll it out between parchment paper and then refrigerate the rolled out dough for an hour before cutting it with a circular cookie cutter. I'm a rule breaker. Plus rolling out cookie dough is messy. So I went the slice and bake route. My cookies may look a bit more rustic...but it's part of their charm.

If cookies can have charm.

What makes an Oreo an Oreo is the filling. Are you a regular or a double-stuff fan? Me, I roll the double-stuff route.

And since I'm all about doing my own thing, I also made some mint filling.


...and mint.

Seriously, these things are so good it's worth the energy and effort it takes to make them. Just make sure you have someone to share them with so you don't eat them all yourself!


  1. those look amazing. really.

  2. mint? gross.

    Can we add "making fauxreos" to the list of things to do when I visit?

    And you're welcome for the word "fauxreo"

    :) <3

  3. And: they taste amazing. truly. yum. good. ohh.