September 8, 2014

fall is creepin' in

Over the past few days it's started to feel like fall. Autumn: the season between summer and winter. I keep hearing all these terrible, terrible rumors about how horrific our winter in Indiana will be this year. NO. I refuse to acknowledge the potential of this frozen tundra.

Except I bought snow boots a month ago.

Is it inevitable?

Let's not talk about winter though. Let's talk about the days of now. On Sunday I had a ton of homework to dig through. Did I want to do any of it? NO. No, I didn't. So I went on a walk on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art with Sarah, Bea, and Edina. You may know the IMA from The Fault in Our Stars. If you're one of the three people I'm with [the baby doesn't count since he can't read and hasn't watched a movie yet] you have no clue what TFIOS is. Who are these people?
The sky actually looked like that. Straight stunnin'. 

My big camera has been getting a re-fresher [a nice cleaning and a bit of repair]...I can't wait to get it back to take some fall pictures!