October 31, 2016

the house

Ohmahgosh, I bought a house! It's the cutest little craftsman bungalow.

I was driving to look at some other houses and came to the stop sign by this gem. My realtor was behind me and saw me stop and point. By the time we pulled up to the house we were scheduled to see, we had an appointment to head back to this one.

It's not huge. It's not fancy. It's not perfect. And, I fell in love.

I went through all the steps to make it mine. [And it actually worked out which feels a bit like a miracle because there are a lot of steps involved.] The former homeowners were so kind when we met at closing and wrote me a letter about how they loved the house and they hope I have a great experience living there as well.

I think I will.

So, now I have a house--a whole house!

That means many things:
1. I get to decorate all the things the way I want to do it.
2. MONEY. Why does everything cost all the dollars?
3. I HAVE A REAL KITCHEN. Holy cow, what will I even do with myself?
4. Laundry...I don't even have to put quarters in the washer and dryer!
5. A yard to take care of. Hold me I'm scared.
6. Neighbors, perhaps I'll be social. Maybe?
7. A KITCHEN!! eep.
8. Room for company and guests and fun.
9. This is going to become somewhat of a home blog...maybe? Will I blog more?

First, I'm getting my old hardwood floors refinished, so I've got to get some rugs. Why is it so hard to decide?

Give me all your opinions, yo.
[one] [two] [three] [four]
[five] [six] [seven] [eight]

I'm so excited to be at this part of my life where I'm putting down some roots. [It's also terrifying, but that's another story. (-;]