March 1, 2015

10 things

1. The soundtrack to this post is the Swifty's 1989. I'm obsessed...not that the album has anything to do with anything, but you know... it's on repeat. This Love [if the song was out, I'd link it, but you'll have to look up the illegal versions on the internet-do eeeeeet.]

2. Parks and Recreation: Why haven't I been watching this all along? The sound of my laughter is ridiculous. Plus it's set in Indiana? AMAZEBALLS. Also, Chris Pratt = adorbs. Also, waffles.
kansas sunset
kansas sunset
3. After Tuesday I'm basically done with school-ish stuff. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA????? The rest of it is important, but more fun than classroom school.
kansas sunset
4. Apps I'm LOVING on my phone:
    -figure 1 [for medical professionals if you like kind of gross medical stuff]
    -PopKey [you can text GIFs - it's so beautiful]
    -Timehop [I was so late to this one]
    -Snap Collage

5. That fun stuff I was mentioning in #3 was my capstone experience. Think of it like student teaching. I'm totally excited. And terrified. And excited.  I get a little sweaty just thinking about it.
kansas sunset
6. Spring break is coming in 2 weeks - I'm headed to Kansas.

7. I'm hoping my mom lets me clean out their closet. I find bizarre enjoyment in organization. Can you think of a more exciting spring break? No. No, you can't.

8. My plan is to send a life update to my people [you're my people, yo] in May/June sometime. It'll be like a Christmas card, but...not. If I need your address add it over here on my Google survey please.
kansas moonrise
look at that moon! 
9. I can't wait until the sidewalks are clear and I can move around outside more than I have been lately. I feel like a lump. The lack of movement and the amount of brownies I ate today both contribute to my lumpiness.
kansas sunset
10. I love this picture. I might even print it and frame it.