August 31, 2009

These are a few of my favorite words.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.
Silver white winters that melt into springs,
These are a few of my favorite....words.


(anyone else singing Favorite Things from the Sound of Music?)

Words I am currently enamored with:

1. epitome: Did anyone else read this as "eh-pih-tome" rhymes with "home" for years and years before realizing at the age of ahem-23-ahem that the word is "eh-pit-oh-mee"?

2. hypothetical or hypothetically: I remember when I learned this word. Our family was eating dinner several years ago, by several, I think I was in 5th or 6th grade so that would have been about fourteen-ish years ago. Anyway, we were eating dinner when a telemarketer called. I'm the kind of person who hangs up almost immediately on a telemarketer, however, my father is not. He talked to this woman for 15-20 minutes about something and he kept saying, "Hypothetically if I purchase _______ it will do _____ for me." What does "hypothetically" mean? And I learned. My parents are both teachers.

3. pretentious: I love this word, it's like saying something or someone is snobby, rich, bragging, showing off without being negative about it. Like an underhanded compliment.

4. chaos: I think it's something about the way it's spelled. I love reading and writing this word. I don't really say it all that often.

5. apathy: I could spend a lot of time thinking about apathy. The concept of being void of emotion. Not caring one way or the other. BUT, is it true apathy that you're experiencing? If the results came back or a decision was made would you really not care? See, intriguing.

6. intriguing: My sophomore year of college there was this guy who I saw daily. I went to a school of 1200, but I didn't know his name, his major, anything. I merely knew that he ate breakfast at the same time I did in the cafeteria. And he was interesting...more than interesting....intriguing. I dubbed him, "intriguing guy". I wasn't particularly attracted to him, but he was just so interesting. What other freshmen were balding, reading interesting novels at breakfast, eating by themselves, and walking around looking like a stereotypical poet? Exactly. None. So, I watched Intriguing Guy and refused to learn his name or talk to him. It would have ruined the intriguing-ness of him. His name's Zack. Yup, it all went downhill from there. Although, he is a very nice person. And quite interesting; just no longer intriguing.

7. These words make me giggle: poopface, nakey and hiney. Just try to insert them into everyday conversation with a straight face.

(and someday this blog will get better again, I'm going to have to steal Megan's camera, muh-ha-ha-ha but I don't have a problem with that. Give me a day or two.)

August 30, 2009

New Blog

Tomorrow is my big debut of my new blog! YAY!

Don't worry I'm not leaving this blog. This is MY space where I can share, you know, random schtuff with you. My new blog has a real theme. Rather than the complete randomness existing in this space.

My new blog's name is Girl Scout's Honor (thank you, Rach McF!). My goals for creating the new blog is to have a space to hold myself accountable, but it's PRIVATE, so you have to send a request to view it.

CRAZY, right?

As a reader of Girl Scout's Honor, you also have the ability to comment, post and add to the community of accountability.

The site is over on wordpress (because you have to have a g-mail account to be a fellow author over here at blogger). All you'd need to do is to create a username/password at

First blog from Girl Scout's Honor:

Hi! Hello!

I wanted to start a blog to help me have some accountability for my personal health and wellness.

Believing in the power of verbalizing (put it into the world) dreams, thoughts and goals, I was acting upon this when I wanted to create this blog. THEN I was asked if someone else could be a part of it and I thought, "YES! What a fantastic idea!" So, you can be a part of this too! In whatever way you, contributor, or you know, whatever.

You just need to send a request to: to become an author (every member is an author). Anyone, can join, so if you know someone else-that I don't know-invite them along for the journey!
Play around with what you can do, I know you're creative so BRING IT!

It's a private site, and I want it to be a safe space for anyone to share goals, plans, recipes, exercise triumphs (and struggles) and other information about you and your health and well-being.

I'm still pounding out all the details, so I'll keep you posted.

( :


1. No negative self-talk. Realism and negativity stand across from each other on a fine line, but know which side you're standing on. When you need support, ask for support--don't put yourself down to hear positive things!

2. Be KIND.

3. Please tag your blog with your name if it's about you.

August 28, 2009



I'm taking TWO tests today!

1. my North Carolina Driver's License test.


2. the MBLEx. This is the test that I have to pass in order to become a REAL massage therapist.

Like the kind that charge money.

It's like what they said in Sister Act II, "No one's going to buy the cow when it's giving away the milk for free."

I'm the cow.


Wait a minute...

August 26, 2009

Prejudice #5


There I said it.

I know perfectly beautiful human beings who choose to partake in the tobacco-nicotine filled inhalation of cigarettes.

It's not for me.

Or for anyone I'm willing to date.

I think I have a sensitivity to smell. Yeah, that's it. That and the teeth thing.

Long-term smoker's teeth are not pretty. And the breath? Please, step away.

I kind of have a teeth thing anyway because I tend to watch a person's mouth while they're talking, so the delightful hue left from cigarette smoke is very unappealing.

Second hand smoke is also mostly likely inevitable, and I am 100% unwilling to smell of ashtray.


PLUS, I'm not really of the personality to just date to date if you know what I mean. I'm not on the prowl for a good date, I want to be in a committed long-term relationship.

So if I saw the relationship going somewhere, I don't want to know that's it's going to end someday when you have complications from smoking. You know, little things like lung cancer, emphysema, other cancers, COPD, heart disease...etc. You know, those things that, um, KILL YOU.

Dead. Which would also kill our love. Which is why it could never exist in the first place.


August 25, 2009


I'm in a book club, no, not a "normal" book club.

The kind of book club with no name where everyone lives hundreds of miles apart (except for the 5 or so who live in Chicago) and we all read a different book and send it to the next person.

I'm reading lots of new things.

The current book I have is Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I just finished it at lunch.

It's fantastic. I recommend it wholeheartedly for a quick, fun read.

I found myself reading this with a smile on my lips...sometimes in those awkward situations where you want to laugh out loud but you're in public, you know?

Like this one from the "T" section, page 188:
Children get to say ta-da!, and I guess magicians, but other than that it's an underutilized expression. I'm trying to think-an adult might say it as she waltzes in with the turkey, or a homemade cake. But a self-congratulatory ta-da! would certainly be warranted for any number of daily accomplishments. I cleaned out the trunk of my car. Ta-da! I finished filling out the insurance application. Ta-da! I made the bed. Ta-da!

See with stuff like that you know you want to go to the library and pick up a copy of this book. HILARIOUS.

August 24, 2009

Hello Friends!

Please fill in the blank:

I feel strong when ______________________.


Oh, and I'll share with you....

I feel strong when
I have people I wouldn't expect come to me to share personal thoughts, beliefs, experiences, struggles, faith, excitement and joy. I like knowing that I'm trustworthy enough to be an open vessel to take in their words and ask questions and learn more. I like to delve deeper.

I love people.

And I love you. You're a people.



Have you tried the new coconut m&m's?

Because they're like...whoa.

Yeah, like that.

I've only seen them at gas stations though. Weird? Yes. I didn't even see them at m&m World in NYC. Strange.

Go buy yourself a package (if you like coconut, if not then get the peanut butter ones they're good too) and let me know what you think!


I hate completion. HATE.

I just want to float away. I don't want to say goodbyes. I want to say, "Until we meet again" because that's what feels right.

I know I'm not going to see every person that passes through my life every day. Or weekly, or monthly or yearly. However, the significance of the impact of passing though is still important.

I'm done with massage therapy school! YAY! I'm not a licensed massage therapist, but I will be soon enough! YA-HOO!

We had graduation yesterday. I'd show you a picture or two, however, I lost my camera (please say a prayer for its safe return to me).

Things I learned this year:
1. Unconditional Positive Regard...well, I can do this in session, but in real life? every day? I'm still working on that.
2. Ground, center, breath. I'm pretty darn good. Until my emotions take over and then that breathing thing gets really hard.
3. I can give a totally badass massage. The end.
4. I can (and do!) approach new thoughts and practices with an open mind, however, this does not mean that I believe it, accept it or like it, but it could be right for you. And I'll participate in the conversation, even if that only means listening.
5. It might seem kooky, but if the experience is right. It's right.

Someday I'm going to give my mom a massage too. I owe it to her. Do you know what happens in childbirth? Exactly.

So, I graduated from the hippie-lovin' massage school and the dirty-hippie place in my heart (that started to grow while I was at Manchester) is happy, happy, happy!

Needless to say, today I am tired.
And the only thing that's getting me through are

Goldfish. See that smile? They're happy to be in my mouth.

August 22, 2009


Please feel free to read this post while listening to this delightful gem by Tom Jones.

Sometimes I call him Hankity-Pankity-Pants. I know it's ridiculous.

Megan and I decided that we wanted a cat last spring. We actually thought about getting two since they could be each others friends while we're at work, but it didn't pan out.

So we found Hank.

On Craigslist.

For free.

Plus accessories.

For free.

Who can say no to this face?

Seriously. He is the funniest cat you have ever heard. Yup, heard. He talks CONSTANTLY. And he is a complete attention whore.

And he has a bit of a foot fetish. We all have our burdens to bear though.

This is my personal favorite when it comes to Hank pictures though, he was sad that I was sitting on the porch without him.

It's tough being a cat.

August 21, 2009

Mix it up!

A few days ago Megan says to me:

Remember that really awkward mixer we went to last year?

A: Which one, there were so many awkward mixers...
(No, really, I think we went to 4 or 5 last year.)
M: The REALLY awkward one at Broad Street with the loud music.
A: Yes, I remember it.
M: Guess what we have this Thursday!?!
A: *crickets chirping*
M: It's at Duke Memorial this year though, it won't be that bad...
A: OK, fine, I'll go.
M: (Looks pleased in a slightly evil way.)

We went, it really wasn't that awkward, but it's always strange when I go to these Divinity school gatherings because the conversation goes like this:

Random Person: So what year are you?
A: Oh, I'm not in school. Well, I'm not a divinity student.
RP: (Generally looking for a way out of the conversation) So...what do you do? (aka Why are you here crashing our awesome Divine Par-tay?)
A: I'm here with my roommate Megan (point at Megan who is a social butterfly compared to my wall-flower) who is a second year. I'm in school for massage therapy right now.
RP: (With re-gained interest) Massage therapy? You can practice on me.
***Here's where the conversation has shifted since I only have 2 1/2 days of school left.***
A: Actually I'm done this weekend.
RP: (no idea what to say)
*awkward moment*
A: But I won't be licensed until probably the end of September or so.
A: So, where are you from? (Good grief...change the topic away from me...)

Really, I have made some fantastic friends at the Div school. There is nothing better than walking into a room full of people and getting hugs. I love hugs.

So, I'm done with school in 2 1/2 days. And it's weird. I've been here for over a year. I don't know anything else, but I'm almost a bona fide massage therapist.

If you want a massage it's going to cost you.

Unless you're my mother (or Megan if I'm feeling generous).

Or a third roommate whom I can seduce with massage so we can have a place big enough for me to have a "treatment space." Anyone? Anyone?

August 20, 2009

In This Moment

I think I could sleep for eons. EONS.

Seriously, I feel like I haven't slept deeply or enough in two weeks.

That was a long time ago.

I need some sleep.

In my giant bed.

With a pain in the butt cat pestering me.

That's just how I roll.

(I could sleep...or go to the bathroom. Being in the office by yourself is no bueno when you really need to go.)


Hey, Megan...



We love Harry...and Hermione...and Ron...and Dumbledore...and Ginny...and...and...and, well we just love it.

The movie started at 7:00.
I get home from work around 6:00. We have no idea where we're going or how to get there but luckily, Megan has a GPS. It's a miracle.

Remember when I said it started at 7:00? Yes, that says time of arrival 7:13.

Now we're down to 7:12....

And 7:11!!! Great driving Megan (congratulations on not getting a ticket!)

Of course 7:11 didn't exactly consider parking. Which took us at least 5 minutes. Making our arrival 7:15ish. BOO.

IMAX's HPHBP didn't have previews. How crappy is that? (Not that crappy unless you're late, like we were...)

And when it says "3D" they mean "3D for the first 15 minutes." How crappy is that?

Real crappy.

You know why?

Because we barely got to utilize these classy glasses.

(I would like to point out 2 things is this picture: 1. we did not plan on making these similar facial expressions, 2. my chin is huge in comparison to Megan's)

All in was still pretty awesome. I know, the movie wasn't as good as the book, the left out blah blah blah...but IMAX is possibly the best screen to see a movie on. Seriously.

August 19, 2009


I'm wrapping up my excitement about NYC.

I'm back in reality.

(I'm rhyming. N-Y-CEE Reali-TEE, get it?)

First Subway ride!

M&M World!

Cupcakes! (from Crumbs Bakery which is DELICIOUS!)

FAO Schwartz

Guitars? I'm not going to lie. I was all about avoiding the American Girl store.

Did you say Broadway? This is NYC to me.

Weird creepy dressed up people who look like the Statue of Liberty who convince you to get all decked out for some $$$.

Did I mention cupcakes?

Oh man, I love traveling. Where to next?

August 18, 2009

Mary Poppins

I have a minor obsession with musical theatre.

Like, it makes me a big, HUGE nerd when I start talking about it. And then I get a little giddy.

I have a running list of shows I want to see. Don't believe me?

1. In the Heights
2. The Full Monty
3. The Little Mermaid (which is closing Aug. 30)
4. West Side Story (the revival)
5. Billy Elliot
6. A Steady Rain (purely for the purpose of seeing Hugh Jackman on stage and worshiping his glorious body)
7. Into the Woods
(and I wouldn't turn down shows I've seen or other ones that are showing [except maybe Cats], but this is just my list of what I WANT to see.)

Well, you might notice that Mary Poppins is missing. I didn't really want to see it, I haven't heard great things.

But, let me tell you. This is a fun show.

It follows the story line of the movie, but they changed some scenes and were creative around the transition to stage, so it was quite enjoyable. Quite.

I just love musicals. It's part of my nerd appeal. (maybe?)

August 17, 2009


I got home from the Big Apple last night, don't worry, I'll tell you more about the trip when I've actually uploaded more pictures.

On Saturday the girls wanted to go to the American Girl Store and Ben (and I) didn't really want to go, so we headed over to the guitar store.

Ben played, I tried to take artsy pictures (which I have not uploaded yet). This story is not about the guitars though it's about that man in the background. The one with his legs crossed.

This man was visiting NYC from Israel. He's shopping for a guitar and just checking it all out. Anyways, I was obviously with Ben and the two guys were chatting when the man asked me how Ben and I knew each other. The conversation went something like this:

Man: How do you know each other? Are you his girlfriend?
Me: (Laughs) Nope, I'm...
Man: Are you his sister?
Me: No, I'm a friend of his mother's.
Man: (Looks confused.)
Me: His mom and sisters are at the American Girl store and we didn't want to go, so we came here. I'm traveling with his family so there's another adult on the trip.
Man: You're an adult?
Me: (Laughs) Yes.
Man: How old are you? (Looks very confused)
Me: 26
Man: REALLY? I thought you were 16.

SIXTEEN. This man thought I was still a teenager. Awesome.

Now, this may have been flattering if I were 30 or 40, but I have enough trouble as it is passing for a college graduate let alone a 20-something. I was not flattered.

This is a current picture (taken the day before):

Do I look 16 to you? NO.

NO, is the correct answer.

Thank you for affirming that I look like an adult.

August 16, 2009


(I'm sorry for those gross feet I showed you earlier...on to prettier things!)

Ser-en-dip-i-ty: the art of making happy discoveries or finding the unexpected pleasant by chance or sagacity

Remember the movie, Serendiptiy?

Starring John Cusak (yummy) and Kate Beckinsale?

Yup, those frozen hot chocolates led us to Serendipity 3 in New York.

We only went for dessert which was DELICIOUS. Delicious. Divine. Yummy. Cool. Sweet.

Jayne had a hot fudge sundae...

Abby had the frrrrozen hot chocolate....

Ben had chocolate mousse....

Missy had blackout cake....
(I forgot to take a before picture.)

I had the creme de la creme cheesecake...
(which was soooo good.)

It was totally worth the trek.