August 25, 2009


I'm in a book club, no, not a "normal" book club.

The kind of book club with no name where everyone lives hundreds of miles apart (except for the 5 or so who live in Chicago) and we all read a different book and send it to the next person.

I'm reading lots of new things.

The current book I have is Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I just finished it at lunch.

It's fantastic. I recommend it wholeheartedly for a quick, fun read.

I found myself reading this with a smile on my lips...sometimes in those awkward situations where you want to laugh out loud but you're in public, you know?

Like this one from the "T" section, page 188:
Children get to say ta-da!, and I guess magicians, but other than that it's an underutilized expression. I'm trying to think-an adult might say it as she waltzes in with the turkey, or a homemade cake. But a self-congratulatory ta-da! would certainly be warranted for any number of daily accomplishments. I cleaned out the trunk of my car. Ta-da! I finished filling out the insurance application. Ta-da! I made the bed. Ta-da!

See with stuff like that you know you want to go to the library and pick up a copy of this book. HILARIOUS.

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