August 18, 2009

Mary Poppins

I have a minor obsession with musical theatre.

Like, it makes me a big, HUGE nerd when I start talking about it. And then I get a little giddy.

I have a running list of shows I want to see. Don't believe me?

1. In the Heights
2. The Full Monty
3. The Little Mermaid (which is closing Aug. 30)
4. West Side Story (the revival)
5. Billy Elliot
6. A Steady Rain (purely for the purpose of seeing Hugh Jackman on stage and worshiping his glorious body)
7. Into the Woods
(and I wouldn't turn down shows I've seen or other ones that are showing [except maybe Cats], but this is just my list of what I WANT to see.)

Well, you might notice that Mary Poppins is missing. I didn't really want to see it, I haven't heard great things.

But, let me tell you. This is a fun show.

It follows the story line of the movie, but they changed some scenes and were creative around the transition to stage, so it was quite enjoyable. Quite.

I just love musicals. It's part of my nerd appeal. (maybe?)

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