August 12, 2009

Dee Cee

Notice a pattern?

Don't worry I'm not going to go all crazy and do some countdown for 15 days-ahem, HarryPotterwasabadidea.

This is where I was today! Washington, D.C. Whoo! Our nation's capitol.

Home of...

the United State's largest phallus...I mean, the Washington Monument.

the reflecting pool. Does this make anyone else think of Forrest Gump?

the Lincoln Memorial.
That Abe, he was an interesting fellow.

the White House.
As Michelle reminded me, a White House, but white people don't live there. As we were checking it out we saw Secret Service people (I assume they were men, but we all know what assuming does.) hiding in the trees near the fence. And then we tried to find as many as possible, but only managed to see two. Is it bad that I thought: Oooh, men! And got a little excited? No? OK, good.

I'm traveling with my friend Missy and her three kiddos.

Abby (and Missy),

and Jayne.

Aren't they adorable?

They were so excited when we came into DC (OK, the girls were so excited, Ben played it cool) to be in "SUCH A HUGE CITY!"

I can't wait to see they're reaction to New York City tomorrow!

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