August 14, 2009

Food Network Day

Me: Baltimore? Home of Hairspray and Charm City Cakes?

Backseat (aka Abby screeching with excitement):CHARM CITY CAKES!?!?!?! Like from Ace of Cakes on Food Network???

Missy: OK, we'll stop and check it out.

So we did. We came we saw. We didn't conquer (unless you consider standing outside and taking our picture conquering).

Because you can't go in. You can't see Duff. You can't see Geof or Anna or MaryAlice or anyone

However, for a 13-year-old it is still very exciting.

Abby: WE SAW THEM!!!!

And I saw a cake and I saw them decorating a cake....
Ben: Well, that is what they do.

Abby: I saw their VAN!!!


Abby: This is SO COOL. SOOOO COOL.I WAS WALKING WHERE THEY HAD WALKED. Right where they walked. Wow. That was FUN!

(can't you just feel her excitement?)

Me: Hey, Jayne, are you excited about being here?
Jayne: I just want to color cats.

Then a stop in Philadelphia for a REAL Philly Cheesesteak.

Ben had one at each place.

No words, just the shoveling of food which 15-year-olds with hollow legs are so good at.

mmm...meaty, cheesy, gooey. According to Ben it was delicious.

I had fries. They were good.

Today we conquer NYC!

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  1. Ok so if I were Abby I would be just as excited and crazy!!!! I'm sooo jealous!!!!