August 24, 2009


I hate completion. HATE.

I just want to float away. I don't want to say goodbyes. I want to say, "Until we meet again" because that's what feels right.

I know I'm not going to see every person that passes through my life every day. Or weekly, or monthly or yearly. However, the significance of the impact of passing though is still important.

I'm done with massage therapy school! YAY! I'm not a licensed massage therapist, but I will be soon enough! YA-HOO!

We had graduation yesterday. I'd show you a picture or two, however, I lost my camera (please say a prayer for its safe return to me).

Things I learned this year:
1. Unconditional Positive Regard...well, I can do this in session, but in real life? every day? I'm still working on that.
2. Ground, center, breath. I'm pretty darn good. Until my emotions take over and then that breathing thing gets really hard.
3. I can give a totally badass massage. The end.
4. I can (and do!) approach new thoughts and practices with an open mind, however, this does not mean that I believe it, accept it or like it, but it could be right for you. And I'll participate in the conversation, even if that only means listening.
5. It might seem kooky, but if the experience is right. It's right.

Someday I'm going to give my mom a massage too. I owe it to her. Do you know what happens in childbirth? Exactly.

So, I graduated from the hippie-lovin' massage school and the dirty-hippie place in my heart (that started to grow while I was at Manchester) is happy, happy, happy!

Needless to say, today I am tired.
And the only thing that's getting me through are

Goldfish. See that smile? They're happy to be in my mouth.

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