August 10, 2009

One Year

One year ago, today I was driving to Durham, North Carolina for the first time in my life.

Last summer 2008, I left Kansas in June (after my cousin's wedding) stayed at the lake until July 7th when I packed up and headed out to Europe. After about 2 weeks in Spain with Michelle, I met up with the McPherson College choir for a dandy trip in Germany until August 7th. I then flew back to Chicago picked up my car at the g'rents and headed south (and east).

Can we just talk about how exhilarating, terrifying, thrilling and completely anxiety inducing it is to move to somewhere you've never visited, when you have no job and you know one person (who also knows no one)? (And, when I say "talk" I mean "mention" because I'm done now.)

Some of my favorite things since I moved our here to Durham:

Durham Performing Arts Center (aka DPAC)

(Megan and I have season tickets again this year so get ready to hear about the FABULOUS shows we're going to see!)

Counter Culture Coffee

This company develops the roasts that most of the local restaurants and cafes in Durham sell. It is delicious.

Duke Memorial United Methodist Church

Doesn't it look a bit pretentious? (Pretentious is my current favorite word.) It does. But it's not. I am seriously looking forward to being more involved with this church when I'm done with school, like maybe someone other than the pastors will know my name...( :

Durham Farmer's Market

The Scrap Exchange

One person's trash is another person's treasure. (You like how I made that gender neutral?)

Durham Public Library

Dear Library, I love you.

Body Therapy Institute

Megan (she'll be back at 5:35 pm tomorrow!).

A Southern Season

I'm sorry did you say you wanted to take me to heaven? Cooking supplies, gourmet ingredients, cafe, coffee, bakery, deli, salad bar, hot bar, chocolate shop and cooking classes? YUMMY!

Elmo's, Fishmonger's, Francesca's, Parker & Otis, Massage Friends, Divine Friends, telephones, and Raleigh-Durham Airport. (And probably other things, but my brain is done thinking.)

Needless to say...Durham is becoming home. It's good.


  1. YEA home. It occurs to me that I have experienced next to none of these things. hmm. I may need to slightly remedy that.

  2. We just passed our one year Durham anniversary recently, too...
    My list is strikingly similar but includes the lemur center, Duke Chapel, the gardens, Reconciliation UMC, and, of course, Food in Trucks.