August 30, 2009

New Blog

Tomorrow is my big debut of my new blog! YAY!

Don't worry I'm not leaving this blog. This is MY space where I can share, you know, random schtuff with you. My new blog has a real theme. Rather than the complete randomness existing in this space.

My new blog's name is Girl Scout's Honor (thank you, Rach McF!). My goals for creating the new blog is to have a space to hold myself accountable, but it's PRIVATE, so you have to send a request to view it.

CRAZY, right?

As a reader of Girl Scout's Honor, you also have the ability to comment, post and add to the community of accountability.

The site is over on wordpress (because you have to have a g-mail account to be a fellow author over here at blogger). All you'd need to do is to create a username/password at

First blog from Girl Scout's Honor:

Hi! Hello!

I wanted to start a blog to help me have some accountability for my personal health and wellness.

Believing in the power of verbalizing (put it into the world) dreams, thoughts and goals, I was acting upon this when I wanted to create this blog. THEN I was asked if someone else could be a part of it and I thought, "YES! What a fantastic idea!" So, you can be a part of this too! In whatever way you, contributor, or you know, whatever.

You just need to send a request to: to become an author (every member is an author). Anyone, can join, so if you know someone else-that I don't know-invite them along for the journey!
Play around with what you can do, I know you're creative so BRING IT!

It's a private site, and I want it to be a safe space for anyone to share goals, plans, recipes, exercise triumphs (and struggles) and other information about you and your health and well-being.

I'm still pounding out all the details, so I'll keep you posted.

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1. No negative self-talk. Realism and negativity stand across from each other on a fine line, but know which side you're standing on. When you need support, ask for support--don't put yourself down to hear positive things!

2. Be KIND.

3. Please tag your blog with your name if it's about you.

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