January 31, 2010


Have I mentioned to you that I love snow? Because I love, LOVE, love snow!

Except North Carolina is a bit, well...weird. They don't clean the roads. Everything just kind of closes down and people drive really, really, REALLY slowly. Seriously. One flake and traffic is down to 20 MPH. I may have had a small case of road rage on Friday evening. Teeny-tiny, practically non-existant.

Well, after snowing for much of Friday night we had about SIX INCHES!!! YAH-HOO! I LOVE SNOW!

Except...snow doesn't love me.

That is a very slippery spot there in the Family Fare gas station parking lot. Very slippery indeed.

Sunday, the weather was BEAUTIFUL! A sunny, chilly, lovely day. MG and I went for a brisk walk and visited-where else?-Parker and Otis.

Oh, Parker and Otis...how I love thee. Or thee's skim lattes.

Until you are gone. Then I want an instantly-refillable mug.

Megan stop doing your dadgum papers and get in this picture!
(I'm a very encouraging roommate when it comes to academic pursuits.)

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. I love snow, Too! it was fun walking in the street to church today. ahh, white world.

  2. I love the new template. Love love love it.