January 12, 2010

Best Bath Ever

I hate sitting in a hot tub. Sure it's fun for about five to ten minutes, but after that:


Using this as a rule, it's a bizarre-peculiar-strange thing, my love for baths.

I didn't always love a bath. As a matter of fact about three months ago, I would have told you I could take or leave a bathtub. It just wasn't that big of a deal.

Since starting to work as a massage therapist though, I notice my body is sore after a long Friday or Saturday where I'm doing six hours of bodywork. I'm tired and I need some relief! Plus, we keep our house at a smokin' 62 degrees, so sometimes a bath is necessary for warmth.

My new bathtime regimen includes:

Lavender oil, epsom salts and a space heater.

It is imperative that you place the space heater on top of the toilet facing your head if you expect to have a lasting bathtime experience.

And by lasting, I mean three to four hours. What? Four hours? Did I just say that? Maybe...

Another good tip is to read something mindless. I like a smutty romance novel. Or something I've read too many times to count...Anne of Green Gables, Harry Potter, Twilight. The whole point is relaxation and you wouldn't want to over-tax your mind.

Go buy a box of epsom salts ($5 or less for a box) a bit of lavender oil (I think mine cost $5 at Whole Foods) and get in your bathtub! Trust me. Your body will thank you.

In other news...we're thinking about getting some metal shower hooks as the plastic ones seem to have melted in the warmth of our bathroom. Interesting.

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  1. Oh how I love hot baths too. Although I make do with Hot showers most nights and waiting until it seems the hot water is about done for the night that I turn it off and in the heat/steam of the bathroom put on my comfy warm sweats.