February 2, 2010

Dear Denim Manufacturers,

I hate strongly dislike you right now.

See, the trend is skinny jeans. Tapered jeans. Tight jeans. I know you don't know me, but I'm not skinny. I'm not down with the tight denim. MY LEGS WANT TO BREATHE!

I watch a lot of What Not to Wear (or, I did in the past when I had TV) and according to Stacy and Clinton, you should not wear a trend that doesn't look good on your body.

Your trendy jeans don't look good on my body. I have rather large thighs. It's just a part of my structure and the skinny jean makes them feel about three times their size. Trust me. That's not something anyone needs/wants to be subjected to.

Let's compare:
First we have the skinny jean. On skinny models. Wearing high heels.
This is not what I look like.

Next, a picture of me water-skiing from last summer. I'm active. I move. I do things. My thighs are substantial. They would never look like the prior image. Even with high heels. Which is why I'm not buying your ding-dang skinny jeans.

I'm just looking for a nice pair of sailor cut jeans, a wide leg trouser jean with actual butt pockets. Something where the leg falls straight down from my hip. This is wider than a "straight leg jean" but not as wide as the JNCO trend of the 90s. I also want a pair without stretch denim. For some reason stretch denim is quite popular in denim for larger women. I don't understand this either because then the jeans just stick to your legs. Which isn't attractive. Why is this so difficult? Because you keep making skinny, stretchy jeans.

Thank you for considering what I have to say.



  1. YES! I don't want skinny jeans (and I certainly will not be wearing heels) either!

    And it's not just women's jeans with stretch, it's all of the ones that I can find too! they are too tight at the beginning of the day, and then start to fall and slide down at the end of the day. it is very frustrating.

  2. I also agree. Although one of my girls needs skinny jeans as she is a size 2. I hate stretch denim. I have started to buy only jeans from Old Navy, because there you can get them made out of non-stretchy denim. I love you for you candor. You are inspiring me to begin blogging again. It was a good outlet. Love ya. I have a man, but I don't think you want to move to Missouri, and I don't think he will leave :(