January 10, 2010

The Kind of Person I Am

As I'm being encouraged more and more to explore the world of dating online. (BOO.) I think about the ways I would describe myself. Things that make up me, so that I'm realistically portraying myself.

This is going to be a little series here as I contemplate. Congratulations! You get to participate in my stream of consciousness! Please feel free to ignore me at any moment. I think this may be taking the place of my prejudices. Self-analysis is fun!

Perhaps someday these "things" will wind up on eHarmony or Match.com, but more likely YOU'LL FIND ME THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! or not. But, I'd much rather have a blind date or two...or three..or four...or twenty than try to meet weirdos on the internet.

That's just how I feel about that. (And I reserve the right to change my mind just so that we have full disclosure here.)

So, without further ado....

On a Friday night, I don't typically want to go to clubs. Or bars. Or do anything resembling what the cool kids are doing. Whatever that means...

Last Friday I had a GREAT NIGHT!

I went to one of Durham classiest establishments.

A place where they serve coffee, doughnuts, Subway, and (AND!) ice cream.

Where is this one of a kind joint? Why over on Guess Road! Just a short drive from our downtown Durham homestead.

MG and Theresa went with me. I really wanted a doughnut and the only REAL doughnut shop in Durham is a Dunkin' Donuts. Can you believe that? With the home of Krispy Kreme in Winston-Salem, living in a college town, Dunkin' Donuts is the only option?!?!? I don't dislike Dunkin' Donuts, I just wouldn't choose Dunkin' Donuts if there's another option. These southerners.

Although this location is listed on the Krispy Kreme webiste, it is most definitely not a premiere location. I mean, the doughnuts were day old. Or maybe they were from the morning, we did get there kind of late. All I know for sure is that these doughnuts were MOST DEFINITELY not made on site like most Krispy Kremes. There wasn't even a Hot-n-Now sign in the window. Thinking about my insane love for doughnuts, these are probably all good things. Except when I want a doughnut, which is like, every day. OK, it's a good thing Durham doesn't really have a doughnut shop.

I love doughnuts. A lusty, passionate, sweet kind of love. It's the kind of person I am.

And what goes better with doughnuts than speed Scrabble? If you don't know what speed Scrabble is, you should ask me to play! Definitely don't ask Megan or her mother. They will kick your butt without regard to your feelings. I definitely have a competitive edge, however, I always seem to be losing. I wonder what that means...

Hey Theresa, I think you spelled "meany" wrong. I believe it's "m-e-a-n-i-e," I'm just sayin.'

This is the one time I won. And I only won one or two rounds. Theresa kicked our butts.

Even though I didn't in this round, I think I spelled "shit" at least three times. That's also the kind of person I am.

You should have seen the people streaming through the door to play speed Scrabble with us.
Or not.



and me spell TROUBLE. (I know it should be "and I" but "me" rhymes and today that takes precedence over grammatical correctness. Just today though.)

(Side note #2: I feel that this picture embodies every reason why people think I'm 19. Is that just me?)

And that's the first installment of "The Kind of Person I Am." I love doughtnuts and Scrabble on Friday nights.
You're welcome.

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