January 14, 2010


You may or may not remember, but I've been in the great phone debate dating back to September.

I think my phone broke around the first week of September. And, after only talking on speaker-phone for 3 1/2 months, on December 15th I got a new phone!

And I went all out.

And I just started three sentences with the word "and."

I went with Verizon as many of my lovely friends recommended. (That's YOU!) See, I listen to other people...sometimes.

Yes, it's a smartphone.

A Blackberry Storm kind of smartphone, with a touch screen, AND it works as a real phone too! Amazing! My mother is thrilled to hear my melodious voice without the tinny background noise that goes with using speakerphone.

I might be able to say someday that I'm a "Crackberry" addict, but at this point, I'm still leaving the phone behind frequently and it's died because of my neglect to charge at least three times.

Since it's a smartphone, I had to get the data plan with Verizon, so I went and joined with the rest of all my peers and got the texting plan as well.

So, if you're with Verizon we can text as much as you want! YAY! If you're not with Verizon, I'm limited to 500 texts per month. Hooray for more ways to communicate!

However, I should tell you something: I don't do the whole texting lingo thing. You know? When I get a message that says something like:

where r u? ill get to ur stuff b4 2 long.

I just get annoyed. Use real words please. Our society is going to have an entire generation of people who don't know how to spell basic words because of texting. That may be a little melodramatic, but really? You can't push the buttons required to spell "you" or "for" or "your"? Come on.

The only other thing I really use on my phone is a game....

It makes me feel like I'm doing things to improve my speed scrabble game. I think that might all be in my head though.

UPDATE: 5/4/2011
I have an iPhone and I love it. BlackBerry and I did not become friends.

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  1. I have officially graded some COLLEGE students papers where texting lingo was used in their essay. It is true....it has come to that.