January 4, 2010

Things I'm thinking about:
  • It's cold outside. If I were homeless I might freeze tonight, or at least lose a limb. I hope people have warm places to sleep. And if you do (I do!), I hope you're thankful for having a warm, safe place to sleep (I am!).
  • Chicago deep dish pizza is amazing, delicious and THE BEST PIZZA. Especially if it has pineapple and red pepper flakes on it.
  • "What if we fulfill secular needs to develop spiritual conversation?"
  • I am not an adult yet. Sometimes I have my moments though.
  • What would it be like to have long-term plans?
  • I could live in my Target yoga pants. I love them.
  • My stomach just made a bizarre noise. Almost like an inside fart. But, I don't have to fart. Weird.
  • I get to spend the next three days with Michelle and I get to see Meagan and Marissa. I got to eat lunch with Rach McF too. I am one lucky duck.
  • I think I want to go speed dating. That sounds like fun, right? Plus, I don't believe in meeting men on the internet. I like real life.
  • "Superfluous" It's my word of the day.
  • People should drive slowly in the snow when you can't see the roads clearly.
  • Have you seen The Blind Side? You should. You know what breaks my heart? That I know that there are kids in this world who don't have a change of clothes. Kids without the ability to shower or get clean clothes. Who don't have a bed to sleep in. Who need someone to care about them.Who have the ability to succeed without the means.
  • Truth, Honor, Peace, Understanding, Compassion
The end.

Good night. Good luck. See you tomorrow!

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