January 27, 2010


I like the color pink. A bubble gum pink. A salmon pink. A girly pink.

I love pink glitter. Give me pink glitter and I am complete.

(Don't deny how awesome this is, although they are
maybe overemphasizing the purple in the pink hue.)

OK, maybe there's more to life than pink glitter, but I do like it. A lot.

I don't even know why I like pink...it makes me feel happy and glowing though. You know? A color to boost my mood. Do people have a color like this in their lives? Yellow? Orange? Teal? Turquoise? Gold? Red? Green? Brown? Purple?

Through the years I have been told by many of my female friends that they wouldn't be caught dead in pink. Huh? Why? I don't understand. I happen to think that pink looks good on anyone. Most of the time they tell me that it's too "girly." OK, fine.

I wouldn't give myself the title of being a "girly-girl." I mean, we're talking about a woman who wore sweatpants for four years straight through college. (At one point I owned 17 pairs, which I now know is completely ridiculous.) Luckily I have graduated to nicely-fitting blue jeans. I wear make-up maybe two or three times a week. I like earrings. I like v-necks and (although, I'm not sure that I really like it) I'm frequently showing a bit of the ol' cleavage. We can blame that on the boobs I inherited though. I like to cook and bake and feed people. I want to take care of others. Therefore, I have no definition on where I sit on the femininity scale. Just some thoughts.

So, I've been thinking about pink because I've been listening to Pink. I love her. She's so aggressive and badass and awesome.

I'm not actually an aggressive person. I'm a pacifist. I'm a lover not a fighter.

For some reason Pink makes me want to dance and be punky and she makes me laugh at some of her vulgar lyrics. Her music is honest---at least it feels honest. She sings about struggle and heartache and the way female musicians are portraying themselves in negative ways and how stupid it is.

I like it.

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  1. I love the color pink, not growing up but as an adult I do. I like to say its my signature color. but do not eliminiate any other colors either.