January 9, 2010

It's Official

I am a crazy cat lady.


Me, Amy Elizabeth Hoffman.
I'm admitting it to you here and now.

When I arrived back in Durham on Wednesday, I was happy to see MG pick me up at the airport; I was thrilled to see Megan at Elmo's for dinner; I was ECSTATIC to see Hank.

I think this might be a problem.

Look at that face though. I love that face.

Just to set the record straight, I'm not one of those people who thinks she's her pet's mother. I think of Hank more as a good friend. One who sleeps with me.

And talks to me.

He really does.

Did that sound absolutely nuts? Yes?

I think I might be a package deal with my cat now. Which probably means I have many single years ahead of me. Ugh.

Well, Hank's eye is watering and I'm concerned. Luckily PetMD exists (my favorite part about this website is that it says in the header "because pets can't talk") and I can see that he could possibly have Progressive Inherited Disease of the Cornea in Cats. I hope not though. Couldn't it just be an allergy? Or something caught in his eye? Or a scratch?

I'm hoping so. We'll see if it clears up soon.

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Don't you dare condemn me for going gaga over my dog! Signed: Daisy's Mom Ha!