January 20, 2010

Where I Come From

Where I come from....

My family is probably the most important "thing" in the entire world to me. I don't really have a lot of possessions that I would consider important, but family is #1 on my list of priorities. Sometimes they're #2 when I take the time to consider what's best for me.

While I was home for my extended Christmas vacation I was talking to an old co-worker and he was asking me what all I was doing for Christmas and New Year's...well, I'm spending time with my family. But for New Year's? Aren't you going to go out? Probably not, we usually just hang out and play games and eat food and watch movies. I don't understand.

Here's the deal: in my life Family (capital "F") is a priority.

They have to be a priority. They're the people who are most important. They're not going to leave me for someone better. They're not going to scoff when I change my mind. They're going to love me when I feel like a crazy, liberal, tattooed hippie. (Although, I've technically never actually been a hippie, just embraced some of the thoughts on love and peace and all that. I like baths and showers and going along with the crowd sometimes, but that's a different story for another time.) Family is the group that will tell me they love me even when we disagree. They'll welcome me back into the fold after I've wallowed around with what to do with myself. They don't care if I'm single or in a relationship.

They want me to be happy, healthy and growing into my life.

And I want that for them. It's one of those reciprocal things.

So...without further ado. These are the people I come from. Healthy stock. Hearty folks. Educators and farmers and ministers.

My parents, Dan and Dawn. You can call them that. Everyone else does. They're just not the Mr. and Mrs. type of people. Except I guess my mom is a teacher, so she does go by Mrs. quite frequently and sometimes responds better to Mrs. Hoffman than she does to "Mom." I was such a neglected child.


My dad is a farmer and PE/Health professor...you may remember me talking about him before here.

He comes from these people, my Grandma Joan and Grandpa Paul:

(Sorry about the blurriness...I'm still figuring
out candids on this fancy pants camera.)

My Grandparents both worked for the college all while I was growing up. They're also very involved in their church playing the organ/piano (Grandma) and preaching (Grandpa). They're also farmers...or were farmers? How does the tense change when you're still involved, but you're not actually having to do all the manual labor because you've put in your time and now your children and grandchildren are putting in their time? Alfalfa was a part of my childhood. As were tractors and swathers and balers and discs and rakes.

Back in Summer 2008 our whole Hoffman side of the family went to Germany for the Church of the Brethren 300th Anniversary. This is one of the most generous gifts I've ever received.

There's most of everyone in front of the Eder River in Schwarzenau. It's the Brethren homeland. I'll tell you more about being a Brethren girl some other time. It's part of the whole "The Kind of Person I Am" thing. I will say it was a fantastic trip.

My mother is a first-grade teacher and has been my entire life, not just first grade but kindergarten, first-grade and second-grade. Lately she's also really into stamping and making cards and other such objects. She's very crafty.

She's holding my "sister" Daisy. Yes, the dog is my replacement. I will survive without any major psychological maladies through this trying time in my life. She comes from my Grandma Mim and Grandpa Jim, my mom not the dog.

I'll give you three guesses who I take after in the looks department...the first two don't count. Seriously. It's uncanny.

My parents had three children. We were unplanned pregnancies. My dad calls us mistakes, but I call us unexpected life-long, expensive gifts. And then we laugh.

Dave was first (July 1981) then about 16 months later I came along (November 1982) and then in another 29 months (April 1985) (it just took me 5 minutes to do that math, so if I'm wrong, just keep moving along) Matt was born. Dave just finished his second bachelor's degree and is now a teacher...or he will be once he gets a job. Currently he's a highly sought after substitute teacher.

After however many years (my head hurts) Matt met Abby and she joined our family. Willingly. Shocking isn't it?

And if you'll believe it, Matt and Abby are both teachers too! Matt teaches Health and Physical Education and coaches basketball and Abby teaches second grade. They're going to provide me with nieces and/or nephews soon enough, but no one is allowed to pester them about it. And that's all I have to say about that.

I'm the black sheep. I don't want to teach. At least not yet.

And that's that! YAY! You've been through my short family tree!

I just love this picture. Cracks me up every time.

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  1. It's very weird how similar our birth orders in our families are so similar. me june 81, joseph november 82, michael feb 85.
    Now your nephew and my niece or nephew are being born days apart.
    it's all too weird, my brain is melting...
    i better go finish my chocolate chippers first
    <3 you