February 24, 2010

Day Seven: Hawaii

I'm cheating.

I'm post-dating this to when it happened. Which is lame...and possibly lazy. You'll get over it though. I promise.

On Sarah's glorious Tuesday off we went up to North Shore area, the drive was spectacular. I'm not sure you can really not drive in Hawaii and not enjoy the views, but I'm just saying, this drive was extra splendid.

If my opinion counts for anything.

And it does.

Even if only here on this site. Which is mine. Mah-ha-ha-ha.

Have you had fresh, juicy delicious pineapple? Because I love it.

Hawaii is home to the Dole factory and thus acres and acres of pineapples.

We toured the gardens of all the varieties of pineapples and then went on a train ride. That's right, a train ride. I'm not sure why all the other passengers were under 5.
This is the one you pick up in the grocery store.

Did someone say Pineapple Express? (No relation to the movie.)
You want to go to a luau with us. Right?

Many people show fear when it comes to the butchering of a fresh pineapple. Have no fear. You must be braver than the tough, prickly exterior of the pineapple. It does take a bit of effort and your hands will get sticky but, trust me: it is worth every minute.

1. Choose your pineapple. I go with the one that smells the best. Don't worry about people judging you when you sniff all the pineapples at the grocery store, they'll get over it. I learned on the train ride that a pineapple doesn't ripen once it is picked, so choose one that smells good in the store and chop it up right away.
2. Twist off the green part. Then cut off the top of the pineapple. You're going to want a rather sharp, large knife. This is not a child's activity.
3. Quarter your pineapple. Next you'll cut off the core in the center. Then take off the skin as carefully as you can. The Dole label recommends cutting the pineapple in the skin and then cutting the chunks off. I don't like this. I think it wastes too much of the good stuff, so I hack away at the skin until I have it gone.
4. Enjoy your pineapple. No seriously. Enjoy it. It is high in citric acid though so it might make your mouth a bit sore (just FYI).

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