February 7, 2010


Valentine's Day is a week away.

I don't have a Valentine.

Or even a potential Valentine.
(Boo. Hiss.)

That doesn't make me love Valentine's Day any less though. I'm really more of a tell-the-people-you-love-that-you-love-them-daily kind of girl, but I love hearts and flowers and pink and sprinkles and cupids and all that stuff that makes the commercial Valentine's Day cute. That's it: I like cute.

I'm sending cookies to my family. Because who doesn't love a cookie with pretty sprinkles? They're ricotta cheese cookies and one of the best to ship because 1)they're dense which means that they're not fragile 2)they actually improve with age. More on that later...possibly Tuesday or Wednesday when I make them.

For now, I'm going to share with you some of the best Valentines (When exactly is Valentine's possessive and when is it not? Is it always possessive? What a conundrum!) I've seen this year. Things I'd love to receive. From all the men who have secret crushes on me. Come out with it! Don't hide your love! I'm a willing recipient!

Or maybe those men don't exist....

Back to the task at hand.
Valentine's Day gifts I love.

15 Geeky Valentine's Cards
I saw this link from my friend Jill on Twitter. Seriously. Funny. And awesome.

This isn't a Valentine, but it's so...CUTE!
It's part of a calendar made of sustainable wood over on Inhabitots. Every month has a different design and there's a plastic holder for them.

Another option is a poster, a couple of really great ones I found are:

You know you want to give your loved one your heart. Find these and other great posters here.

And now for my FAVORITES. Feel free to order me something. I'll tell you what I want. You won't even have to guess. (This is for all potential boyfriends.)

I know, right?  Ah-mah-zeeeeing. It's just so...awesome. I love the letters. I love the colors. I love it. I love it. I. Love. It. 

As much as you can love a poster, that is.

But that's not the one I want. This is the one I want:
You can order it here. Please and thank you.

Happy Valentine's (in a week)!

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