December 21, 2009

Sunset on the Farm

One of the things I miss most when I'm not in Kansas is the sunrise and sunset.
Let's be honest though, I'm rarely awake for sunrise, so I really miss the sunset.

If you've ever been to the beach you know a little about what I'm talking about. That's what it's like out here. Nothing to block your view of the gorgeous colors in the evening hours.
Something like that.

So, I spent the day today giving chair massages at my mom's school. My mom is an elementary teacher and it was a good day filled with lovely women who are tired and ready for vacation. It starts Wednesday.

I got home around the time that the sun started setting so I went on a little walk around the farm.
These are the four farm dogs who joined me: Sadie, Freckles, Emma and Brutus.

Although we're more on the agricultural (I use the term "we" loosely) end of farming, there are some cows. It's my dad's thing.

Equipment for hay and wheat harvest litters the farm. Things to cut and haul and move and make the ground flat and all that. OK, I really don't know. When I work on the farm I use that thing at the bottom. It's a rake. I drive the cheapest tractor and use the cheapest equipment because I would be voted "most likely to break something" and "least experienced" out of everyone. It's quite the honor.

We're expecting snow in the next couple of days! I'm looking forward to seeing what these colors look like reflected from the snow.

It just makes me take a deep breath and appreciate the beauty. Ahhh.

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  1. I miss Kansas! (But I'm super excited about seeing you soon!)