December 1, 2009


Hello December!

I miss winter. It's true. When you live in the "south" (does anyone else not think of North Carolina as "south"??? Just me? OK.) the weather shifts at different times. Today is remotely cool. I mean, I'm wearing a thin long-sleeved shirt under a t-shirt weight cardigan, so how cold can it be? 54 degrees that's how cold.

Not winter weather at all.

No snow.

No ice.

I haven't even seen any frost yet.

So weird.

This is what I saw on my walk to Parker & Otis today. I am in love with P&O. LOVE. Or maybe it's lust. I don't know. I'm trying to convince MG to work here so we can get a discount. I'm a good friend.

So we walked from our house. Under the sunshine and clear, blue skies on this December day.

First we came to a Japanese Maple.

Hello, beautiful.

Hi, MG!

You're pretty too.

I don't know what kind of tree this is, but it sure is pretty. It's one of those trees where the leaves all change colors at different times so there are green leaves, yellow leaves, orange leaves and red leaves. Can you imagine how pretty that is? Because it's just stunning. Stunning, I say.

So, another weird thing to me is that through all the pretty trees, many with no leaves, the grass is still green. Not just green, but fresh in the spring green.

Then we got to P&O and there was a line for coffee, so I was forced to check out the chocolates. FORCED I tell you!

OK, I'm a liar.

But look at these:

Check out those little guys looking all cute and cuddly and delicious.

What'd you do today that was exciting and fun and lovely? Tell me, please. ( :


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  1. I'm working my way through a CPK BBQ Chicken pizza and a bottle of Frutezia Passion Blend watching the Daily Show.

    And doing laundry. Lots of laundry. Sh*t-tons of laundry.