December 16, 2009


Things that shock me:
  • The amount of women wearing leggings at the airport. I know they're popular, but really? Everyone has a pair? Oh and I saw a woman in a completely fuchsia outfit of leggings, tight sweater and heels. Talking on the phone loudly about how someone said she looked bad today. Unfortunately I couldn't subtly take a photo.
  • There is a prejudice against vegetarians at airports.
  • The amazement of airport employees when you're friendly and kind and patient.
  • The hot tattoos on the guy waiting in line at Burger King. (He's wearing a wedding ring. And just went to sit with his wife and 2 kids.)
  • Live piano music at the airport? And you're playing the Chicken Dance? Really?
  • How much I can spend at Starbucks knowing I'm going to be in airports for 15 hours today.
  • How confusing my new phone is. Seriously. Today I figured out how to lock it....and after a bit of worry I also figured out how to UNLOCK it. What would I have done if I didn't figure it out? Ummm....facebook Bryan (the man who sold me the phone)?
  • I am completely perplexed by shoe shiner stations. I just don't understand.
  • Why are the toilets in the women's restroom at the airport perpetually clogged...with #2?
  • Google has free internet in Charlotte airport. They're a rather wealthy company I think, why don't they give more internets for free all the time?
  • I always feel sleepy at the beginning of a flight but can never actually sleep.
  • The guy who booked my flight from Denver to Wichita said to me: I got you a good window seat in the front.
  • The last 5 times I've flown in to Wichita I've been on a plane that has one seat on the right and two on the left and about 30 total seats with approximately 15 total passengers.
  • Do you think that guy wanted a pat on the back?
I'm flying today! (In case you didn't figure it out yet.) I got to the airport at 8:00 for my 9:00 flight and as we sat on the runway it was eventually decided that we wouldn't take that plane, so everyone on my completely full flight to Chicago was re-routed. Joy! It only took about 3 hours, but I finally got flights, a new terminal, on an airplane and I'm out of Durham! All the way in Charlotte! (I think it was about a 35 minute flight.) In only 3 more hours I'll be off to Denver. Then to Wichita!

See you soon Kansas!

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