December 8, 2009


1. My psoas are sore bilaterally.

What's a psoas you say?

There you go, it's that muscle. And it's action is flexion of the hip.

2. I have done THREE massages out of my home in the past week and they've all been new people and they've all been FANTASTIC clients! Yay! I'm doing the word-of-mouth-only publicizing, because I only want to do 4-5 private clients a week and I want to have some connection to clients since they're coming into our home. So it's been a slow start, but now that students are finishing up finals, it's warming up!

3. Hank is a weird cat.

This is where he sleeps when I'm not at home. Hence the reason I am always getting cat hair all over my body, my clothes, in my mouth, in my eyes, etc.

4. I just can't bring myself to care about Tiger Woods. I mean, I just don't care. It's his personal life. He's screwing it up. Kids look up to people in your life not celebrities.

5. I leave for Kansas in EIGHT DAYS. I hear the city (ha!) of McPherson was doused with snow today, so I'm praying for a white Christmas! However, that said, I'm also praying for clear runways on Dec. 16th.

6. I can't wait to cook in my mom's kitchen! Counter space for miles! Comparatively speaking of course...

7. I only have three minutes of battery life left on my computer. I'm too lazy to walk upstairs and plug it in.

8. I'm started on 4 Christmas presents and not completely finished with any.

I have to go now...down to two minutes!


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