December 27, 2009

Gettin' Crafty

Christmas is over, so I'm FINALLY going to share two of my crafty crafts with you.

Do you remember when that point in your life happens when you're more excited to give than to get gifts? It makes Christmas so much more fun. I think it happened for me about 3 years ago. This year was extra unique because I made something for everyone in my immediate family...

Dad: Naughty, inappropriate gloves--don't ask. He's a very immature college professor (53 going on 19).

: A black hat with a cute flower, and this pillow:

Yeah, I made that. With these hands. Sometimes I like to call them the moneymakers. I'm pretty proud. It was the first time I broke out the sewing machine that I got for my birthday last year. Look at what you can do with a basic sewing machine!

: Dave lives in a bachelor pad. According to him, it was desperately seeking art, so I took these six 8x10 pictures for him to put up.

: A pillow. After I started the first one I had to make another. Applique is now my life. Everyone can expect appliqued presents.

Abby and her baby, Moses. He let me pet him this year; without cowering like the pansy he is.

Matt: My younger brother, Matt, is the biggest massage whore I know--"Hey Ame, could you rub my shoulders?" So I made him a hot-pack. You know, one of those things filled with rice that you nuke in the microwave and then put on your back or stomach or wherever you're sore. I scented it with peppermint and lavendar and I think it smells lovely. Matt thinks it's too strong...and a little smelly. The word "smelly" doesn't exactly bode well for my first attempt at aromatherapy.

So, I'm done for a bit, but now my crafts are centering around building up a collection of hats to sell. I'll let you know what happens with that.

How was your Christmas?


  1. I got to go to the Art Institute in Chicago, then the matinee showing of Jersey Boys which made me cry due to it being a musical and AWESOME, and then tapas with my family and my Uncle Dan, Aunt Wendy and Monica, Cassidy, and Carson. We pigged out on some of the best tapas I've ever had. I slept the entire drive home, read half a chapter of my book and fell straight to sleep. 13 hours of slumber later and I'm all rested up. There's also the sea salt scrub, beautiful "elphie green" pashmina, season 1 of big bang theory, snow white on dvd finally, and earrings. Not to mention new rotors on my breaks, tires, windshield wipers and it's looking like now it's going to be a new alternator as well. I love my car but Barb is being kind of wishy washy.

    I love youuuuuu and I love the way your mom's pillow turned out! Good choice!

  2. I received my favorite expensive salon shampoo and conditioner, bath products, ear muffs without the muffs, shimmer powder, a necklace that my best friend hand made and darren bought, a couple books, new journal, a stuffed animal puppy, a pink tea kittle, and a gift certificate to see a play at the indy rep theater. a necklace that my sorority sis and has the other part as well as my quatrefoil necklace plus the trip to NC. i also bought myself a coach purse, underarmor hoodie.
    but i have to agree that making things, like the various crafty things for my mom and niece, that will be coming next year, was probably some of my favorite. giving for me this year was very exciting as i hunted for certain items. bea

  3. alyson says, "excuse me! I hope an orange and pink one is in the mix."