December 14, 2009


I'm making a lifestyle change.

I'm only going to do what the magic 8-ball says to do.

This is a very special magic 8-ball my friend Ama gave to me in college. I have a special bond with it. A very special bond.

Does anyone else find the words "very special" to always have some kind of sexual connotation? Just me? I mean, I don't have a sexual relationship with the magic 8-ball, but you is very special.

Let's get started.

Will I get be in a relationship in 2010?
I mean, Will I be in a relationship with a man who will be my boyfriend in 2010? (It's important to be VERY clear with the magic 8-ball.)

I think it says this every time I ask it. WELLLL, if it's decidedly so, where was my boyfriend for 2009?!?!?

Will I move to Indiana?

Up in the air. If the right job happened to fall in my lap...probability would increase.

Will I get married in 2010?

Lies. Lies. Lies. I'm that person that would have to be in a relationship for longer than a few months. I think I'm that person at least. Which would put a 2010 wedding out of the running. I think.

Unless I find a mail-order husband....desperate times call for desperate measures.

I'm not so sure about this magic 8-ball lifestyle.

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