December 2, 2009


I have a few recommendations for you. Some music. A book. Just some stuff.

I'm currently OBSESSED with Christmas music. I don't want to turn it off. I get angry when commercials come on the "all Christmas music radio" station. For now, I can't stop listening to Straight No Chaser, if you love men's a capella (one word or two? a capella vs acapella...James? both come up in a google search so I'm not sure.) as much as I do you will thoroughly enjoy.

I also just purchased The Wailin' Jennys album 40 Days. I must have been living under a rock for the past 5 years because it came out in 2004. It is quite enjoyable. I shared the song, One Voice with you before.

Next, I just finished Summer House which was a delightful read. A complicated family, a 90-year-old grandmother remembering the beginning of her marriage, some love, some lust, some bitterness; it was really quite a good book.

Other things I recommend:
-America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook best cookbook ever. Seriously.
-Food Network Magazine (Just $5 for a subscription right now!!)
-Etsy Homemade gift? Ideas to make your own homemade gifts? Yes, please.
-Coffee. Umm...are you surprised?
-Sleeping with 3 cats; this is only if you're not allergic and you would like a below-average night of slumber.
-Walking around naked when your roommates are gone.
-Doing something crafty and finishing it.
-Writing down quotes.
-Snapfish-for good picture printing
-Taking time off work to spend time with family. I know, not everyone can do this.
-chocolate-hazelnut (baccio) gelato
-lemon bars



    Kidding, love you!

  2. I was just wondering why you spelled it wrong, but I went with it. About an hour later I looked again and realized I spelled it wrong.

    I'm a dork. (but a very sweet dork who will see you in a 10 days!)

  3. two words: a cappella (Italian for "in chapel.") Honestly, after reading this I have to wonder how are we not bestest friends. :)