July 30, 2009

I have a problem

I have crazy, insane love for doughnuts. Yes, it's true doughnuts. (Or donuts. I've seen them spelled both ways, but I prefer the d-o-u-g-h-n-u-t-s way since they're made from dough. It's like writing tonight vs tonite, I ALWAYS use the "gh".)

Lagrange, Indiana has the best bakery to get doughnuts. They don't have their own website, but they do have a facebook page.

I just like the plain, glazed doughnuts.

But they have bear claws, fluff filled long johns, apple fritters and many other options. And cake (which is DELICIOUS), noodles, sauces, dressings and all sorts of other stuff.

Give me the plain ones and I'm a satisfied, happy girl.

My dad tends to be a bit of an over-purchaser when it comes to doughnuts. I guess I never realized it before.

So when he came home with TWO FULL BOXES, I ate several.

It was my contribution to the cause. I was only doing what I could to help out.

Of course I didn't take any pictures of ME eating doughnuts, but I did get some of other people. I'm nice like that.

mmmm....doughnuts, I love you.

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