July 27, 2009


I like taking pictures (and I may have taken over 500 last week, so just prepare yourself) and I'm avoiding work and studying, but I can't spend that much time posting about stuff, so a quick look at some artsy-fartsy photos I took:

This is my grandpa's sailboat. Isn't it pretty? If I had photoshop I'd erase the umbrella and balls in the foreground.

Early morning mist.

This is the small fishing boat at the neighbor's place. They don't mind that I'm on their pier because they're my aunt and uncle. ( : Family makes good neighbors. (How's the grammar of that sentence?)

This is my first attempt at a jumping silhouette, I was having trouble with the blur, any helpful hints?

I'm exploring angles. I like taking the picture from below, especially when the sky looks like this. I'm also feeding my lingering obsession with hands and feet.

Yup, this is all God. Can you see both rainbows?