July 19, 2009

Prejudice(ish) #3

At church yesterday this man shared a BEAUTIFUL gift of music.

He appeared fairly young and quite attractive.

There was also a noticeable lack of gold (or silver) glinting on his left ring finger.


So I did what any normal, single person my age would do.

I facebooked him.

I'm a crazy stalker.

His profile wasn't even private! It was like I was being invited to just go on there and scope out who this man was, where he went to school (2 master's degrees!), when he graduated from high school (now I can figure out his age). All the different places he's worked...and now, in stating this I'm realizing how crazy I am.

But it brought about some questions:

If a man is 31 and single (and a musician), is he gay? divorced? homicidal maniac?

Is it wrong that I think these things? I know I shouldn't. Who am I? I'm 26, single, living with some sort of plague that repels men, and I see a perfectly decent man over 30 and think these things.

Isn't that awful?

Do you think facebook is possibly making it more difficult to meet people? I mean, I look at a profile and-without even talking to a person-decide all these things based on what I'm reading. Maybe I'm using the wrong inflection.

Am I a completely horrible person? Or just destined to an eternal life of single-dom? Either way, it doesn't exactly sound appealing.


  1. I have the same plague. Grr. Yes. I think you should ask about him...

  2. I'll presume that he is NOT a tenor???

  3. violinist, but i think he might also be a tenor. i wasn't sure with the way the men were standing in the choir. but he was maybe the best violinist i've ever heard. or second best. seriously PHENOMENAL.

  4. Um...Amy, why didn't you go up to him and say HELLO?!? The Facebook stalking doesn't make you a bad person, just silly! You are a FABULOUS woman... F-L-I-R-T a little, even at church!!! : ) (The baby Jesus approves!)

  5. I'm with Meagan. Maybe this guy like yourself has high standards for the women he dates, and considers marriage worthy. For this reason at age 31 he is still seeking out the woman God placed on this earth for him. Maybe he is not scary, maybe he is just patiently waiting. Next Sunday talk to him.
    Love ya,

  6. Darling,
    Being a fellow facebook stalker I have to say that I do not think you are a horrible person in any way, but I feel that it is very important not to get your life from a computer, so I suggest going out on the limb and talking to him... it could be the best thing you ever did, or it could be the start of a new chapter where facebook takes a back seat to conversation. Let us know!