July 23, 2011

Well, that was...different

The past two weeks we've had more groups in...both from Pennsylvania. The CoB [Church of the Brethren] in PA is plentiful. The CoB in KS...not so much. Basically that means everyone is new to me!

Previous weeks I have felt somewhat...clueless. (-:

The last two weeks? I was a painting, caulking, puttying, cleaning, touching-up rockstar. It's all in the details for the finish. I like details.

This week, one homeowner moved into her house and next week one of the other families should have a similar experience! It's such an honor to be present in the time when a person has been displaced for over a year and they get to move back into their HOME.


So, what's been happening for the past two weeks? Well, the first week I fell in love with the group. It was one of those experiences where you just become a part of the group instantaneously and feel at home. It was church.

Their pastor, Jeff*, came with them and I have several stories about him. Let's start with Sunday evening...he came up to me and introduced himself.
"Hi, I'm Jeff.*"
"No, you're not."
"That's not really your name. You're trying to pull my leg." He just looked ornery, I swear.
"No, really it's my name."
Then he asked me a question, but I wasn't really listening because I was beginning to turn a flaming red color.
"So, I'm really embarrassed right now."
And he chuckled at me.

Monday morning, conversation #2 with Jeff*.
"You have a great smile."
"Thanks!" [I do have a pretty great smile; apparently people in PA smile less than I do because I've heard this about every week.]
"You know what you'd be good at? Managing a coffee shop." Random.
"HUH? I mean, I like coffee." RANDOM.
"Yeah, you'd be great at managing a coffee shop." Random.
"As a matter of fact our church is just starting a coffee shop in our community and we're looking for someone to manage it. You would be great."
"You should pray about it." Then he walks away.

Tuesday evening, we went to the Gaylord Hotel in Nashville and walked the gardens. Lots of good conversation and laughter during our van ride.
I'm sitting by Sally and she's asking me about what I do, where I live, etc.
"Well, I'm a massage therapist. I'm moving to Indiana when I'm done with my time here."
"Oh, so what's taking you to Indiana?"
"Family, friends."
"I'm trying to convince her to move to PA and work in the coffee shop." Jeff* pipes in from the front seat.
And now the crew is on the move-to-PA bandwagon.

Wednesday dinner.
"So, Amy, I want to come back to what we were talking about earlier."
"Oooookay." [Earlier synopsis: I'm cleaning up/organizing tools and he tells me that "I'm a good woman" and he has a son who is looking for that.]
Jeff* proceeds to tell me all about his son and really gives a pretty realistic picture--meaning he doesn't make him out to be a saint--and then asks if I'm interested.
"Um. Well. Um."
"So, I can really arrange a marriage here. I can tell that you'd fit into our family. I'd even make you the offer that we made our other daughter-in-laws: we'll choose you over him. [This was said in a joking manner.] You would just love our family."
"Just think about it."
"You've only known me for a couple of days. What would your son say about this?"
"Oh, he would be mortified."
Then he shows me pictures of his family on facebook. It was really sweet. I was definitely feeling the love. Please remember that this is the fourth day after meeting this man.

Later that evening a woman threw her son into the mix. "We have a son and he's single." The next morning a man offered his son "He's single and he plays with dolls." [His son is a ventriloquist/puppeteer.] Tempting.

During breakfast Jeff* asked if I had thought more about his offer. I told him that two more hats had been thrown into the ring.
It was time for a throwdown.

It was hilarious.
It was awkward.
I loved it.

Did you know that I love awkward? I do.

Week 2 was uneventful.

*Jeff isn't his real name.

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  1. you would be a great barista at a church coffee shop!