July 19, 2011


A public computer is a blessing.

It's also annoying if you're a spoiled 20-something who is used to her own computer.
[I'm the spoiled 20-something.]

My computer died this week. It's not down and out, the charger just stopped working so the battery is in need of a charging. I ordered a new one, so hopefully that will work and I'll be back in action. I know you'll miss me if I'm going too long. (-:

I have lots to tell you about last week. It was fun. It was interesting. It was full of laughter. It was awkward. It will provide a few stories...and questions.

For now, I'm just going to take you on a walk with me. I'm living at the Tennessee Children's Home in their retreat house. It's swank accomadations for a BDM worksite. Eleven showers?!?! Large kitchen?!?! Plenty of space to circle around the tables?!?! Areas to sit and relax and chat!??! Pool tables?! Ping-pong?!? SWANK.

Plus I have my own super special bedroom. I like it because it's been hot and I don't like to wear pants.

Back to the land, so the children's home is really a series of homes where children lived family-style. Parents+their children+foster children=home. Except with budget cuts a lot of those homes are sitting empty. They own quite a bit of land, so at the end of the driveway there is a large campground.

It's my usual evening and weekend walk.

I went into the woods first.

[Apparently, I'm a little sullen. I could have sworn I smiled for this picture.]
Guess what I found?! Low ropes course! It makes me think of team building!

Over the river [creek? stream?] and to the swinging bridge.

In conclusion, I bring you this tidbit of information that I learned this week:
Three and shiny, burns your hiney.
[Did I properly identify posion ivy?]

Be back soon...I hope!


  1. Please ignore my typos. I feel uncomfortable blogging on our community computer and was rushed. Apparently I'm also full of excuses. I still think blogging from my phone would be ridiculous though.

    Also, I can't figure out how.

    Over and out,
    Cluless in TN

  2. *clueless
    Did I spell ridiculous correctly? Ugh.