July 2, 2011

My Week

This summer has been very different from those in the past, but it's also been pretty awesome. I'll try to keep you updated week to week on what's going on in my life. (-:
Four more weeks in Tennessee!
Me: Are you going to apply for that job?
Becky: Yup.
Me: How do you feel about that? Living in McPherson? Your plans for grad school?
Becky: Well, it's McPherson. It's where single women go to die.
Me: Bahahahahaha [I'm still giggling as I type this.] Too, true.
Becky: I'll figure out the grad school part if I get it.


I picked blackberries. They have sharp thorns. 
This week we had a group of more conservative Brethren youth working at the houses. The girls wore skirts or those skirt-pants [?] and prayer coverings, the boys wore long pants and sleeved shirts, almost all of them are homeschooled. They were some of the best kids I've been around: funny, hard-working, endearing, surprising and faith focused. During one lunchtime conversation, a girl was talking about motorcycles.
Girl 1: I wonder if it's a crotch-rocket.
Girl 2: I don't know.
Girl 1: Have you ever been on a crotch-rocket? Well crotch-rockets will make you sore.

And then I confirmed that I have a dirty mind.
Facebook post
Megan: I always try to follow your directions so meticulously. But....I accidentally used wax paper instead of parchment paper (what? I thought they were basically the same thing!) Anyway, it caught on fire about 10 secs after I put it in the oven. smoke. billowing. that is all. You would have laughed.

Don't worry, I did.

Our cooks left on Thursday morning, so I got to help out in the kitchen for two days. For a couple of reasons it was awkward. One being that the other woman who was there should have been in charge from the beginning [bad communication exists everywhere] and wasn't in the planning with the previous cooks. Two being that I was making french toast on Thursday morning. 

French toast is hard to cook on griddles when you unknowingly blow a breaker first thing. 

I redeemed myself with Tam's Monster Cookies in the afternoon. 
Monster Cookies
I should post this recipe because it is Monster Cookie perfection.
Another great conversation with 3 young women from this week. The girls wanted to put kisses all over the boy's mirror, but were convinced that it would be a pain to clean that up, so they decided to kiss pieces of paper and put those up instead. 

The Three to me: Do you want to do some?
Me: I think I'll pass this time. How's it going? 
B: Well, it took us awhile, but we're figuring it out. J is the best at doing it.
Me: So, J, you're the paper kissing expert?
J: *blushes* I guess. 
B: I want to be a guy kissing expert! 
Me: *laughing*

These girls were awesome.
I got three letters this week.
1. Rent deposit back! At least a portion of it! Yay!

2. This card: 
HILARIOUS. I was ordered to put it on my fridge when I get one. Don't worry, I will.

3. The new sticker for my tags from my parents. Did they write anything personal in there? A "Love you, Dad"? A "Hope you're having fun!"? A "Miss you!"? 
Nope. Just the paperwork.
Lame, Dad, lame. 

I like mail. 
Here's my address: 
BDM Grand View Lodge
Amy Hoffman
1158 Ranch Road
Ashland City, TN 37015

Do you want a letter from me? Let me know!

I learned how to install laminate flooring this week. I'm pretty sure I could do my own house. 

If I had one of those saws that you squeeze down and one of those saws that you can push across wood.  
You know, those ones. 

Was that specific? 
I'll have to shop for my own saws then. 

Phone date this week? 
My evenings are pretty much, um, free.


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  1. My Dad does the same thing! No note, no comment, just paperwork :( love him anyway :)