July 14, 2011

Dear Self-Control,

Stay strong!

I don't need to go shopping. I don't need clothes. OK, I need clothes, but until I have a job and know what I should wear, I shouldn't purchase any. I'm sure the yoga pants, grey v-necks, sun dresses and cardigans [since those are basically the only articles of clothing I've purchased in the past 3 years] will not be work ready for wherever I work. I don't need to participate in the Old Navy $20 for a bag of clothes sale. I don't need another $40 off sundress from Ann Taylor Loft. I have flip-flops and ballet flats [minus a pair of classic black ones that I've been searching for since last October] to last me.

Self-control, I need to remember to live simply. Or to embrace simplicity. Or that I do not have mucho dinero.

I'm not working right now, so no income means minimal outcome. Or spending. Whatever. You know what I mean. Unless there's something building up my saving's account [there isn't] you can't just go crazy with your purchases.

Thank you self-control for your existence.

Stay strong!

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