September 28, 2010


What's that one?
I'm sorry did you say "Pumpkin"? I'll take two.
And Amy was happy.

I'm sorry for talking about myself in third-person.

This is my friend Josh.
Hi, Josh!

When I first was in Durham, I went with Megan to socially awkward mixers with the new divinity students. We all know how much I like new people. (They make me nervous.) But Josh and his wife, Christina (who you may remember from the Scratch post) befriended Megan and me when we were scanning faces. Let's be honest, Megan and I were looking for single men. Instead we found a couple. YAY! Josh and I bonded over being Div School spouses.

Josh thinks Will Ferrell is funny. I don't know how our friendship made it.

Then we carpooled and worked together at UNC. Then I quit UNC when I became a massage therapist. Then we got together for desserts, coffee, ice cream (he's an ice cream fanatic), dinner and board games.

And doughnuts.

I love doughnuts.

And coffee. Surprisingly, I can pretty much drink coffee whenever, wherever. It doesn't keep me up all night.
Josh prefers Pepsi. I don't know if it kept him up all night.
We played a rousing game of Phase 10. It's in the top running as one of my favorite games right now. It's not high stress, it's easy to have conversation while you play, the rules are simple.

I would like to point out in this scorecard that I won many rounds. Yet, I lost the game. My competitive edge tried to come out. Then it failed.

Then I ate another doughnut. (I think that's called "emotional eating.")

Thanks for hanging out with me, Josh! And for being my friend!

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