September 21, 2010


I came to Chicago for a little R&R this week. I've got some peeps here. Yes, I just said "peeps" like I'm back in 8th grade. Embrace it.

Once upon a time when I finished college I thought I could live in Chicago. Then I found out the truth: I'm not an urban environment girl. I like feeling like I don't have to lock my doors and being in the country and having the tallest things around me be trees rather than buildings. I'm embracing it.

Plus, when I lived in Chicago, I spent all my time working so I could pay the bills and I barely got to enjoy anything about the city. Work, work work. Don't ask me what I did, it wasn't a career highlight. It's also the six months that are missing from my life on my resume.

Yesterday I was a downtown tourist.

Where does everyone take pictures in Chicago? The bean.

Vas ist da BEEEEN??

A giant, mirrored kidney bean artistic sculpture in Millennium Park. Duh.

Right off of Michigan Avenue.



Then we took the requisite jumping pictures!
WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  Please don't be alarmed. There is not an actual, gigantic pink butterfly on me. It just so happens that I am a very enthusiastic jumper and my stomach was on display in this photograph. You didn't need to see that.

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