September 9, 2010

Ridiculous Kitties

Our cats are whores.

We have one attention whore. (Hank)
We have one cuddle whore. (Sweet Tea)

It makes for a well-rounded house.

The cuddle whore loves the window.
Sweet Tea
Oh, Sweet Tea. What do you think she's thinking?
Sweet Tea
Mmmmm, I love this window. I'm a cat. The prettiest-kitty. Dooo-do-do-dooo. Do you think that person will pet me? Will she let me sit in her lap? I'm going to try. Especially if she wants to do something else. I love laps.

Then you have Hanklin who wants to tell you about everything.

Hey. Hey. Hey. Look at me. Hey. I'm right here. Ahhhh....I'm all stretched out. Maybe she'll rub my special place. Hey. Did you see my special place? Hey.

Our cats are weird.

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